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Synonyms for involvement

Synonyms for involvement

the act or fact of participating

the condition of being entangled or implicated

Synonyms for involvement

a connection of inclusion or containment

a sense of concern with and curiosity about someone or something

a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship

the condition of sharing in common with others (as fellows or partners etc

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Participants were questioned about their nutrition involvement and knowledge, and diet adjustment.
The findings show that having a promotion focus leads to consumer's involvement in nutrition, which in turn leads to nutrition knowledge and diet adjustment following advice, for example from media, doctors, family members or friends.
In SSc, esophageal smooth muscle becomes atrophied and later replaced by fibrous tissue that causes severe disturbances in the motility of distal esophagus manifesting as reduced lower esophageal sphincter pressure (LESP) and loss of distal esophageal body peristalsis.2-4 Thus the esophageal involvement in SSc is well known and has been studied extensively.
Their data suggested that marked esophageal involvement is present only in the systemic form of scleroderma i.e.
In literature, the term parent involvement has been used in broad perspective.
[4] reported a retrospective single-institution study evaluating the involvement of CNS in 179 children with HLH.
Muhammad Ishaq, son of Muhammad Ibrahim, and Muhammad Asim, son of Abdul Rehman, were sentenced to death for their involvement in attacking the armed forces personnel which resulted in the deaths of 17 soldiers.
I believe this will illustrate the status of Lane County's position on citizen involvement.
Resident involvement can vary from observing and retracting to performing the entirety of the procedure.
In Cambodia for instance male involvement in reproductive health is underdeveloped (6) while in Africa, the role of men in maternity care is under-studied (7).
Parent involvement, defined as representing a parent's 'active commitment to spend time to assist in the academic and general development of their children' (Borgonovi & Montt, 2012, p.
Materials and Methods: All newly diagnosed patients of NHL with extranodal involvement were included in the study.
Involvement is defined as consumers' perceived level of self-correlation or relevance with a product (Zaichkowsky, 1985).
Low income men are at risk for depressive symptoms and reduced father involvement. Using the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study (n = 2,703), we examined reciprocal associations between father involvement and depressive symptoms, and the moderating effect of relationship quality, for resident and nonresident fathers.