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Synonyms for involute

Synonyms for involute

especially of petals or leaves in bud


(of some shells) closely coiled so that the axis is obscured

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According to the standard inverse involute equation, the tooth profile of the roller is established; its radius is 19 mm, thickness is 8 mm, modulus is 2.5, and rounded value is 0.5 mm.
Helical gears with involute shaped teeth: geometry, computer simulation, tooth contact analysis, and stress analysis, ASME J.
At the same time, the method proposed here to calculate the wear of floating involute spline was feasible.
Xue, "Numerical simulation of involute spline shaft's cold-rolling forming based on ANSYS/LS-DYNA," Zhongguo Jixie Gongcheng/China Mechanical Engineering, vol.
The spherical involute equation on one side of inner space width could be derived by substituting r to (R-B) and adding the value of [phi] to [q.sub.0k] in (1).
The generating surfaces are the planes of generating rack obtained from involute base profile (Figure 4).
For all s [member of] I, then the curve [beta] is called the involute of the curve [alpha], if the tangent vector of the curve [alpha] at the point [alpha](s) passes through the tangent at the point [beta](s) of the curve [beta] and
Stem leaves 0.7-1.8 x 0.4-0.9 mm, oval-oblong blade, attenuated, cucullate dentate apex, margin entire or denticulate, involute towards the apex; little enlarged and auriculate base.
The curve [alpha]* is called involute of the curve a if the tangent vector of the curve [alpha] at the point [alpha](s) passes through the tangent vector of the curve [alpoha]* at the point [alpha]*(s) and
Both HE and HV models feature an involute inlet that runs 180 degrees around the cyclone to optimize action inside the unit.
The company also offers two distinct ball nut mounting options--standard V-thread (M15x1) allowing easy system level integration and custom solutions including integral flanges, involute splines, and numerous other customized configurations based on specific application needs.
For such a quick return to breeding duties, Maid To Running had to 'involute' - "everything has to shrink back down to its normal size and become sterile again, so that its an environment that will hold the pregnancy," Redvers explains.
Application of asymmetric tooth side surfaces is able to increase the load capacity and durability for the drive tooth side [1].The tooth form has left-right symmetry in the involute cylindrical gear, and the same performance can be obtained at forward and backward rotation.
Cucchetti added, "In India, we are honored to be working with Involute to bring to local solar manufactures a comprehensive range of leading-edge automated machine vision systems to help them tap into the market growth.