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Synonyms for involute

Synonyms for involute

especially of petals or leaves in bud


(of some shells) closely coiled so that the axis is obscured

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Helical gears with involute shaped teeth: geometry, computer simulation, tooth contact analysis, and stress analysis, ASME J.
From the character of involute it can be seen that the center of the arc is on the generating line of involute.
Boyer discovered involutes while trying to build a more accurate clock [1].
So, one can determine the relations between Frenet-Serret invariants of the involute of the tangent spherical image and the Frenet-Serret apparatus of the base curve.
For a particular pressure angle on the coast side and drive side of an asymmetric bevel gear, the involute thickness of the teeth depends on radius of addendum and dedendum circle.
The profile called "inverted profile" belongs to the negative side of an involute with the base circle diameter dbi--the inverted profile base circle diameter.
Some hemangiomas involute slowly, taking anywhere from 2 to 10 years to spontaneously curl inward.
Similar to the thyroglossal duct cysts, when the duct fails to involute, a cyst may occur anywhere along the thymopharyngeal duct from the angle of the mandible to the upper mediastinum (Figure 6).
While most neonatal hemangiomas will involute and resolve spontaneously, some require treatment, Dr.
The involute now becomes De Quincey's version of Wordsworth's power of association: feelings and ideas are interinvolved with concrete objects in the "spot of time," which operates as a compound that is later capable of "an exegetical or hermeneutic function" (90).
Add to that Ian Wilson's Involute and Maxwell Davies's witty, highly-irreverent Fantasia and Two Pavans and Psappha -as always -excelled themselves.
Highest capacities with circular blade and involute blade technology.
Also, unlike conventional speed reducers, which use common involute tooth gears, the Cyclo 6000 has a unique epicyclodial design, which allows components to operate in compression, rather than in shear.
Although hemangiomas involute, less than one-half do so with a satisfactory result.
The floating sun gear also provides "true involute action," according to Hulstein.