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a muscle that contracts without conscious control and found in walls of internal organs such as stomach and intestine and bladder and blood vessels (excluding the heart)

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Caption: VIDEO Involuntary muscle spasms occurred whenever this patient threw a baseball
Table 1: Key points for clinical diagnosis Myoclonus Brief, shocklike involuntary contraction of a muscle or group of muscles Dystonia Involuntary muscle contraction that can cause slow repetitive movements or abnormal postures Tremor Involuntary rhytmic contraction of antagonistic muscles Chorea Involuntary irregular movement that starts in one part of the body and moves unpredictably and continously to another part, like "dancing" Myokymia Involuntary spontaneous quivering, writhing movements within a single muscle not extensive enough to cause a movement of a joint
If distemper remains untreated, it will lead to neurological signs as the virus reaches the central nervous system, including circling, head tilt, involuntary muscle twitching and paralysis.
Organophosphorus poisoning can be differenciate from other condition when an animal is presents with signs of sweating, iosis, tearing, excess salivation, excessive respiratory tract secretions, vomiting, cyanosis, involuntary muscle twitching, convulsion, coma, loss of reflexes and loss of sphincter control (John et al.
1 Solemn promise (4) 2 Moist (4) 3 Stretched tight (4) 4 Close by (4) 7 Clearly, unmistakably (7) 8 Painful involuntary muscle contraction (5) 9 Something of value (5) 11 Nimble (5) 12 Belief, dogma (5) 15 Glow (4) 16 Pay attention to (4) 18 Passenger vehicle (4) 19 Stalk (4)
Leg cramps--sudden, involuntary muscle contractions or spasms that last from a few seconds to several minutes--are common in people over age 50.
muscle rigidity, tremors, or involuntary muscle movements) reported as side effects with other PDE10 inhibitors that achieved similar or significantly lower occupancy levels.
Fiona, who suffers from dyastonia, a brain condition which causes involuntary muscle contractions, added: "I've had it for around 12 months and most of the call-outs have been false alarms.
CASE 3: A 42 year old female patient had involuntary muscle contractions on left side of face from 36 months.
THE Taser looks like a gun but, instead of bullets, fires an electric shock into its victims, who will suffer involuntary muscle contractions and be immediately incapacitated.
ECDs take advantage of electro-muscular disruption technology, which uses a high-voltage, low-power charge of electricity to disrupt the central nervous system and induce involuntary muscle contractions.
b) involuntary muscle contraction accompanied by severe pain, which can occur in the legs, arms, hands or abdomen
It is an involuntary muscle movement and there is no treatment for it.
After several years of taking the drugs, both women say they developed tardive dyskinesia, a long-term neurological disorder that causes involuntary muscle movements.
Depending on the signal strength, many involuntary selections can occur because of noise or involuntary muscle activations when high-sensitivity levels are used [19-20].
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