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Synonyms for involuntarily

without regard to desire or inclination

Antonyms for involuntarily

against your will


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Study 1 uses a cross-sectional design to compare levels of depression and job-search activity during unemployment between people who volunteered for their job redundancy and employees who were made involuntarily redundant.
The bottom line is that inpatient alcoholism treatment is completely ineffective, and to suggest we build more hospitals to treat these patients involuntarily is ridiculous.
whether patients admitted involuntarily to a psychiatric hospital can give informed consent to participate in research.
In 2001, she was involuntarily admitted again, this time for a maximum of three years, although again she received a conditional discharge.
Nystagmus occurs when the eye involuntarily jerks around, causing the person to feel that the world is "wiggling."
The Long Road To Bataan And Beyond presents readers the intimate struggle of a family involuntarily abandoned by a military father and husband, and is very strongly recommended to all students of American military history, as well as biographically inclined readers.
Under the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004, some agricultural quotas will be involuntarily eliminated under a 10-year buyout program.
It provides accounting and reporting guidance for state and local governments offering benefits such as early retirement incentives or severance to involuntarily terminated employees.
In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Molson Coors said that the new agreement includes terms for a one-year benefit arrangement that will be provided to workers whose employment is involuntarily ended as a result of the impending closure.
Everyone reached involuntarily for some device to protect him or herself from falling projectiles, a weapon, a shield, an air raid shelter, even an umbrella." But in the faces of these children, watching from a trench as British fighters and German bombers engage over Kent in September 1940, we can see the fascination as well as the fear these deadly new birds of the air evoked.
Severance is positively associated with future pay that CEOs might expect until age 65 and is higher when CEOs depart involuntarily. Shareholders react negatively when separation agreements are disclosed, but only in cases of voluntary CEO turnover.
The court emphasized that it was not overruling the Northern Insurance decision, but made its decision because Henkel's liability was not imposed involuntarily by law, but assumed voluntarily by contract.
Part of the reason why America's GDP per person is higher than Europe's is that more Europeans are involuntarily unemployed.
(Here, Rhoads relies on studies that make no distinction between fathers who choose to stay home and those who are involuntarily unemployed or underemployed.) Rhoads almost gleefully recounts the story of an ambitious professional woman who developed such contempt for her homemaker husband that she refused to have sex with him and started having affairs with her colleagues.
Neither is an act by a genuinely insane person (or a sane person in an involuntarily induced trance) that harms another, evil.