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Citing Invoke's findings from its survey conducted earlier this month, Rafizi said Dr Mahathir's approval rating as PM had plunged to 52 per cent from 72 per cent in June, a month after the 14th general election.
Invoke is similar to the1/2AaAaAeA~ Amazon Echo1/2AaAaAeA~ and1/2AaAaAeA~ Google Home1/2AaAa Speaker device.
Invoke, with Cortana, is a voice-activated speaker that can play your favorite music, manage calendars and activities, set reminders, check traffic, deliver the latest news and much more.
With Build being focused towards developer community, Microsoft might showcase various ways to integrate apps with Cortana on the Invoke speaker.
Invoke is currently hiring over 20 highly skilled professionals internationally to answer an ever growing demand for first class software solutions.
The two Invoke SPX full rim models have a sporty look.
26:25), yet Jacob is never reported to invoke the name of the Lord.
A special pooja (offering) is held every year by Sri Lankan Hindus to invoke blessings on President Rajapaksa and on the Nation.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-23 June 2009-UBmatrix and Invoke in partnership for smart XBRL forms(C)1994-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
When force majeure clauses are negotiated by the parties, they normally define the trigger events under the clause (most commonly "acts of God," flood, fire, war, civil disturbance, embargoes, labor strikes, governmental actions, and terrorist acts) and the notice required to invoke the force majeure clause.
LaBouf is not the first Baptist to invoke such proscriptions against the ministry of women, certainly.
Would public school teachers who are Muslim be as free to invoke the name of Allah in front of their students as public school teachers who are Christian would be to invoke the name of Jesus in front of their students?
Although the author does not deal explicitly with the question of American welfare exceptionalism, or invoke comparative analysis, her account of the way the courts intervened in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to shape the emergence of American social policy provides helpful insights into this question.
Parliament can invoke the notwithstanding clause of the Constitution to declare in a simple statutory enactment that the traditional definition of marriage shall remain in effect in Canada, despite any supposed conflict that the courts might perceive with the equality rights of homosexuals.