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Synonyms for invoice

Synonyms for invoice

a precise list of fees or charges

to present a statement of fees or charges to


Synonyms for invoice

send an bill to

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Companies are usually aware of VAT regulations in their own country, but often lack the depth of knowledge required for compliant cross-border invoicing.
The efficiency of WAWF lies in its inherent accessibility, simplicity, and accuracy, making it a suitable invoicing answer for most government contracts.
The perception of the impact e-invoicing has on speeding up invoicing cycles has increased to 75 percent from 72 percent in 2011.
Through e-Invoicing, the Ministry of Finance aims to close the gap from lost taxation, while companies can strengthen their invoicing practices, invoice data analysis and supplier relations.
With Scandicard's new invoicing system, Easy Invoice, sending invoices is easy.
Invoice Central provides vendors with an opportunity to expand their electronic invoicing footprint, thereby dramatically reducing processing costs and payment processing expenses.
One approach is to automate the invoicing and payment process so treasurers can make more accurate cash flow forecasts and optimize working capital, while also capturing early payment discounts (see "The Promise of Automated Invoice Payment" on the previous page).
Esker releases Accounts Receivable on Demand to simplify conversion from manual to automated invoicing -- offering 100% electronic sending of customer invoices with 100% delivery flexibility
Issues of pricing verification, order and invoicing accuracy, customer responsiveness, order quality and adjustments emerged at the cross-departmental interface.
Through provision of supplementary services we can continue the automation of invoicing and deliver further cost savings," says Heeros CEO Matti Lattu.
BOSTON -- Invoice Cloud provides "true" e-invoicing that dramatically lowers invoicing and collections costs for both businesses and paying customers.
Users can automate repeated invoicing by defining recurring profiles (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly) and letting Zoho Invoice automatically send invoices to customers.
NYSE:RVI), the parent company of three popular value-oriented retail chains, is streamlining its accounts payable processes by moving to electronic invoicing, and has joined the OB10 global e-Invoicing network, OB10 announced today.
the leading provider of electronic invoicing and legal spend management solutions, today announced that it has contracted with Barclays Bank to provide a new legal technology initiative that will enhance Barclays' ability to manage its legal spend.