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Synonyms for invoice

Synonyms for invoice

a precise list of fees or charges

to present a statement of fees or charges to


Synonyms for invoice

send an bill to

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With value added tax (VAT) coming into effect from today, the face of invoices or bills that usually exchange hands between seller and buyer will change.
Alingss municipality~s goal is that all supplier invoices shall constitute e-bills at the latest when any law requiring the public sector should only receive e-invoices from suppliers enter into force in 2018.
In the opt-out approach, the use of e-invoicing is assumed, and paper-based invoices are only implemented for those that specifically request them.
Images and data from the invoices captured by Data Dimensions are electronically transmitted to Direct Insite's Invoices On-Line e-invoicing platform, where they are processed.
Electronically receiving and posting supplier invoices using the cloud-based Invoices On-Line AP portal enables the customer to significantly reduce average invoice processing costs and supplier inquiries while accelerating invoice-processing turnaround.
E-invoicing is simply turning the entire accounts payable process electronic; from receiving invoices to getting approvals, making payments and archiving paid invoices and related documents.
Confidential invoice discounting is a form of invoice finance that typically allows your business to access up to 95 per cent of the value of your invoices to boost your cashflow, with the source of your funding remaining undisclosed to customers.
Over a third (35 percent) of invoices are still sent as paper documents.
Paper and electronic invoices will be treated equally, which will allow businesses to move to a 100% e-invoicing system.
Italy and Sweden will force all companies, from 1 July 2008, to send electronic invoices to state administration.
Jointly, they will enroll the department's hundreds of thousands of suppliers onto the OB10 network, allowing suppliers to submit invoices to the VA in any electronic format.
The law against sending invoices to people who have not asked for them seems straightforward enough, but some newsletter publishers still don't get it.
In nearly two years, the number of BUMED sites using WAWF has increased from only three in October 2002 to 32 in June 2004, and the total number of invoices received per month through WAWF has increased from 60 in October 2002 to 1,436 in June 2004.
On one occasion Stanley had told Phoebe of his latest brainstorm: If he submitted phony invoices to the company they worked for, she could get them approved and paid.