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Synonyms for inviting

Synonyms for inviting

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attractive and tempting

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PPP leader and former foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar also slammed the OIC for inviting Swaraj as "guest of honour".
BEIRUT: Future MP Bahia Hariri said she would set a trend of inviting patriotic and moderate figures to meetings of the Sidon School Network, after inviting Shiite scholar Hani Fahs to a board meeting Monday, the National News Agency reported.
Written invitations given to men by their pregnant partner can increase their participation in voluntary HIV counseling and testing, according to an antenatal clinic-based study conducted between 2006 and 2007 in Cape Town, South Africa.1 One thousand pregnant clients of an antenatal clinic in Khayelitsha township were given a written letter for their male partner, inviting him to participate in a couple-oriented antenatal care visit the following week, as well as either voluntary HIV counseling and testing or a general pregnancy information session.
In the vigor of our youth and good health, God invites our grateful service; in the pain of sickness and the struggles of old age, God invites our endurance and calm, hi all our fears, in all our frustrations, in all our sadness, desires, accomplishments and joys, God is inviting us to be at peace and center upon the One who is to be our ultimate concern.
He does not intend on inviting any foreign state official at the ceremony on the occasion of Macedonia's twenty years of independence.
Krishnamani, lodging his protest against secretary Pareena Swarup being selective in inviting politicians.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE has blasted Masters organisers for inviting three Asian players to compete in next week's event for commercial reasons.
By hosting a tea party and inviting friends, family, neighbours or colleagues to have a cuppa and make a donation, pet-owners can provide for animals less fortunate than their own.
The Windsor Report, released by the Lambeth Commission on Communion last October 2004, had also urged Archbishop Williams to "exercise very reasonable caution in inviting or admitting to the councils of Communion" Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, the church's first openly gay bishop, citing "widespread unacceptability of his ministry in other provinces." The commission was created by the Archbishop of Canterbury to find ways of arresting a schism in the worldwide Anglican Communion over the ordination of Bishop Robinson and the introduction of same-sex blessings in the Vancouver-based diocese of New Westminster.
We continue to achieve order-of-magnitude improvements by, essentially, blowing things apart and inviting creative people to work their magic on individual components of a greater whole.
Bring him into the inner workings of the parish by inviting him to be a speaker and to come visit various parish groups.
On March 31, Frist sent letters inviting his colleagues to a "private tour of the U.S.
Kalein is used also in Matt 22:3, 4, 8, 9 of inviting guests to a banquet.
Like Hans Bellmer's mutated dolls, these objects are surreal and grotesque, at once repulsive and inviting, both as quasi-human figures and as perversely satisfying nonhuman horrors.
But the Assembly Government showed it fails to understand this by not inviting me or any other of Plaid Cymru's three Muslim county councillors across Wales to the launch.