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a visitor to whom hospitality is extended

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The amended complaint contains a single count of negligence, claiming that SprintCom breached the duty of care it owed to Hall as an invitee. SprintCom now moves to dismiss the amended complaint.
WTM London 2018 (including the new travel technology event Travel Forward) saw visitor numbers - including exhibitor invitees, WTM Buyers' Club members and trade visitors - increase by 6 per cent to 32,700.
Former Australian captain Ian Chappell is also among the invitees.
One of the two invitees went to the party with his relative, while the other reportedly took two women with him.
The language of the Massachusetts OUI Statute does not indicate "that a specific invitee or licensee, as distinguished from a random invitee or licensee, no longer qualifies as a 'member[] of the public.'" Virgilio, 947 N.E.2d at 1118-19 & n.3, 1123 (Sikora, J., dissenting) ("A specific invitee or licensee would be a person driving onto the 'place' for a particular purpose, such as a social guest, a deliveryman, or visiting nurse .
It was a very similar experience for other members of the media - one senior member of the press suffered a cut lip after having been elbowed by a "Special Invitee"!!
(TBD)JETRO's services will be provided only to firms accepted as participants.Any costs incurred by the invitee's withdrawal from the program after JETRO has notified them that they are an official invitee shall be borne by the invitee.
The customer is an invitee, so the restaurant owes the duty to make a reasonable effort to discover the condition and eliminate it by mopping frequently, or at the very least, to warn of its presence.
Tubes automatically creates instant digital connections, 'tubes', between and among all invitees. Anything that is put in that tube, including music, photos, videos, spreadsheets, documents or any files up to 2GB, is replicated to everyone who accepted membership.
A spokesman says the 65-year-old toon pioneer--one of 120 invitees this year--wants to "concentrate on his professional activities."
He maintained that the hospital as a landowner, owed a duty to him as a business invitee. He argued that a landowner owes two duties to a business invitee: (1) to use reasonable care in maintaining its premises in a reasonably safe condition; and (2) to give the invitee warning of concealed perils that are or should be known to the landowner and that are unknown to the invitee.
An invitee is one big step closer to becoming a camp parent.
During these intensive preparations, each invitee has received both support and feedback from NATO.
The BHAF is a program that promotes local tourism through Filipinos and foreigners staying in the Philippines (sponsors) to invite friends overseas (invitee) to visit the country.