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In the former, the responses of the invitatory are prescribed as cantus planus maior, which I believe means plainsong doubled at the upper and lower octave, a mode of performance that is written out in one piece of alternatim polyphony (not for Christmas or for an invitatory).(11) Three antiphons and two responsories of Christmas Matins are also directed to be performed in contrapuncto -- in extemporized counterpoint.
The invitatory is Psalm 94, "Venite exultemus Domino" in the Roman liturgy, performed daily before matins (5) as prayer introduction to the breviary service.
(5.) After the reform of the Liturgy of the Hours following the Second Vatican Council, the Invitatory is said either before the Office of Readings or Lauds, whichever is said first in a liturgical day.
The section carrying the intriguing title "From the Invisibility of God to the Visibility of the World" (57) lays out the ultimate meaning of any normative consideration within a Christian framework: to uncover the "invitatory" rather than "prescriptive" function of moral duties, that is, their ability to function as symbols of a renewed existential condition made possible by God's gift and, therefore, as recommendable strategies for human action.
To look for a certain text, not knowing whether it is a gradual or a trope or an invitatory, it will be necessary not only to scan scores of separate facsimiles or editions, but many hundreds of separate indexes as well.
This would seem to be confirmed by a setting of this invitatory by Morales preserved in Segovia Cathedral ms.
As regards the works performed during the funeral rites for Philip 11, in addition to the Matins invitatory by Morales, it was prescribed that for the Requiem (the last of the three Masses, the others being of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary respectively), some of a Mass by Certon or that of Circumdederunt (or a Mass that included an elevation motet of this title) were to be used (item 12).(30) Moreover, the gradual and tract were to be by Guerrero (Francisco?) and the prose (that is, the sequence Dies irae) by the |deputy'.
This does not exclude, of course, the possibility of a practice of more than one singer to a part, as might have been the case with Morales's invitatory for the funeral of Philip II, in which possibly a solo quartet alternated with a larger group of singers, but, as Richard Sherr and Jean Lionnet have shown with regard to the papal chapel in the 16th and 17th centuries,(41) it does suggest that a group of four soloists was not the exception but the rule.
This cantorale contains seven Mass settings, some Invitatory chants, and material for the Offices from Christmas to Epiphany.
The second section of the manuscript consists of two sets of Invitatory antiphons for Christmas (folios E1-F6v [33r-40v]).
Sbity white candles were first distributed between members of the six scuole grandi; five of the six scuole headed the procession,(23) followed by the clergy of St Mark's, and the cappella cantorum split into two groups.(24) When the bier carrying the Host reached the door of the sacristy one choir sang the invitatory |Venite et ploremus' as the congregation knelt, answered by the second choir with the opening verse of the Improperia |Popule meus' as the congregation rose to continue the procession.