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Synonyms for invitation

Synonyms for invitation

a spoken or written request for someone to take part or be present


something that attracts, especially with the promise of pleasure or reward

Words related to invitation

a request (spoken or written) to participate or be present or take part in something

a tempting allurement

References in classic literature ?
He warmly accepted the invitation, and at once they became not only on terms of affectionate relationship, but almost like old friends.
The Lovell Mingotts had sent out cards for what was known as "a formal dinner" (that is, three extra footmen, two dishes for each course, and a Roman punch in the middle), and had headed their invitations with the words "To meet the Countess Olenska," in accordance with the hospitable American fashion, which treats strangers as if they were royalties, or at least as their ambassadors.
le Baron du Vallon is informed that the king has condescended to place him on the invitation list - '"
When this invitation came to me, I had engagements in Boston that seemed to make it impossible for me to speak in Atlanta.
In the new gayety of her spirits, thinking that Lydgate had merely a worse fit of moodiness than usual, causing him to leave her remarks unanswered, and evidently to keep out of her way as much as possible, she chose, a few days after the meeting, and without speaking to him on the subject, to send out notes of invitation for a small evening party, feeling convinced that this was a judicious step, since people seemed to have been keeping aloof from them, and wanted restoring to the old habit of intercourse.
I have been telling Captain Francis," Ernestine said, "of your delightful invitation.
He barked invitation to his brother, scampered away half a dozen jumps, scampered back, and dabbed playfully at Michael with one fore-paw in added emphasis of invitation ere he scampered away again.
Wyvil; and he has since received an invitation to stay at Mr.
If his father and mother accepted the invitation, Isabel's only objection to hastening the union would fall to the ground.
Perhaps you can get me an invitation to Princess Ozma's birthday celebration, which will be the grandest royal function ever held in Fairyland.
The same evening we received an invitation to dine with the newly married couple.
The minister, with good-natured persistence, repeated his invitation.
Others had to be coaxed, but when they heard that the toast was to be buttered on both sides, they all ended by accepting the invitation with the words, "We'll come to please you.
In the afternoon he received an invitation from Mrs Miller to drink tea; for that good woman, having learnt, either by means of Partridge, or by some other means natural or supernatural, that he had a connexion with Mr Allworthy, could not endure the thoughts of parting with him in an angry manner.
And having made up his mind to refuse Metrov's invitation, Levin went up to him at the end of the meeting.