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Synonyms for invitation

Synonyms for invitation

a spoken or written request for someone to take part or be present


something that attracts, especially with the promise of pleasure or reward

Words related to invitation

a request (spoken or written) to participate or be present or take part in something

a tempting allurement

References in classic literature ?
When this invitation came to me, I had engagements in Boston that seemed to make it impossible for me to speak in Atlanta.
After the question had been canvassed for several days, the directors voted unanimously to ask me to deliver one of the opening-day addresses, and in a few days after that I received the official invitation.
le Baron du Vallon is informed that the king has condescended to place him on the invitation list - '"
The king has caused a hundred mortal heart-burnings among the courtiers by refusing invitations.
For so many years had Michael not run with another dog, that at first Jerry's invitation had little meaning to him.
Wickham, and give him an invitation also, if the family from Longbourn would come in the evening.
Why on earth have you been sending out invitations without telling me, Rosamond?
There is no fear that Emily will refuse your invitation.
From every point of view, I feel bound to insist on his accepting Sir James's invitation.
On the next morning the whole of the invitations were sent out, excepting the invitation to Hardyman's father and mother.
Rebecca was now thirteen; she had played the melodeon, led the singing, delivered her aunts' invitation with an air of great worldly wisdom, and he, concluding that she must be a youthful pillar of the church, called upon her with the utmost simplicity.
Donwell and Randalls had received their invitation, and none had come for her father and herself; and Mrs.
Forty-eight hours later the unbelievable had happened; every one had refused the Mingotts' invitation except the Beauforts and old Mr.
Perhaps you can get me an invitation to Princess Ozma's birthday celebration, which will be the grandest royal function ever held in Fairyland.
Now that you have robbed me of my land, there is nothing for me to do but issue invitations to a war-dance.