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Synonyms for invisibleness

the quality of not being perceivable by the eye

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The question about an uncertainty is still a challenge in PMS because of its invisibleness. This topic has been processed in the following papers [5,15,26].
Silence, bullying and the invisibleness of potentialities are forms of social control and power relations over certain groups, acting against any manifestations of behavior in sexual orientation or in gender expression.
For others, special circumstances such as homelessness, domestic violence, teen pregnancies, mental illnesses, incarcerated or chemically dependent parents, or being a juvenile offender, have contributed to their invisibleness in public school settings (see Book, 1998, 2003; Tikkanen, 2005).
However, the evidence of moral facts, the human need for some personal property, and the ubiquity of personal property ownership suggest the existence of an invisible natural force that causes property ownership regardless of the visibleness or invisibleness of the ownership.