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Synonyms for invisibility

the quality of not being perceivable by the eye

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These men also wanted to know if buying niyog na bato guaranteed invisibility from policemen.
Despite researchers around the world trying to figure out invisibility, the fact remains that we're likely pretty far off from a solution to the issue.
While the history of Black people in Latin America runs long and deep, there is an astonishing invisibility around such history.
Things like invisibility |cloaks could cause a whole lot of heartache F all the skills and accessories available to Harry Potter, his cloak of invisibility always had a certain appeal.
IT IS the closest scientists have come yet to recreating Harry Potter's invisibility cloak.
Social Invisibility: Public and mechanisms leading to the invisibility of these audiences.
Researchers then explored the psychological effects of invisibility - just as HG Wells did in his 1897 novella about a scientist who makes himself invisible and is driven insane.
Contrary to the now prevailing notion of invisibility that relies on metamaterial coatings, the scientists achieved the result using a homogenous object without any additional coating layers.
WHEN Real Madrid paid a world-record PS85million for Gareth Bale their fans assumed he had superpowers and at the Nou Camp on Sunday he demonstrated one of them - invisibility.
During the interactive lesson, students used the myth of the Ring of Gyges as a case study, recreating the philosophical story of the invisibility ring with props and music.
8 ( ANI ): Scientists have pointed out that with the emergence of metamaterials and transformation optics, invisibility has become a scientific possibility.
What surfaces in these photos is the way that women present themselves to be seen and how they use visibility/invisibility to negotiate power and unearth the political and symbolic connotations that invisibility has in enabling the 'weak' to resist the 'powerful' (Scott, 1985).
The two form a quick connection that feels a lot like love, and Elizabeth vows to help Stephen break his invisibility curse.
But in the meantime, what's clear to me is that you won't need to wait until scientists can provide you with a Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak to learn what physicians need, in return for their participation in the drive towards the new healthcare.
Beyond collective social upheaval, the text imagines the individual advantages invisibility will bring to Griffin.