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Synonyms for invisibility

the quality of not being perceivable by the eye

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A real-life invisibility cloak would achieve the same effect using special materials that bend light.
There is another invisibility, the process of becoming: transition, the unfinished, emptiness--the space that makes an occurrence possible, emptiness as origin and potential.
INVISIBILITY is the aim of every cartoon and comic villain but it is a Welsh wildlife cameraman who has finally devised a way of completely disappearing from sight.
Takeo was raised by his mother as one of the Hidden, a religious group widely persecuted in his country; but he also shares his father's mysterious abilities as one of the Tribe, assassins with mystical powers of invisibility, ultra-keen hearing and the ability to alter time and to create "shadow selves" to deceive observers and enemies.
As I preview the fall preview, I am struck by retro lesbian invisibility. Of course, The L Word, formerly known as Earthlings--the lesbian equivalent of Queer as Folk--is a welcome entrant into gay carpet bombing in the torture wars.
Despite the historical and statistical invisibility, devaluation, and marginalization within the general U.S.
However, Clarke's poetry argues against his invisibility. His heart demands to be seen.
Synopsis: Collaborative compiled and co-edited by Andrea Fekete and Lara Lillibridge, "Feminine Rising: Voices of Power and Invisibility" brings together international poets and essayists, both award winning and emergent, to answer questions and provide raw, honest meditations that speak to women of all races, nationalities, and sexual orientations.
The research tries to elaborate how invisibility at the workplace drives certain individuals towards corruption.
The author looks at works by Moroccan sociologist Fatima Mernissi and Egyptian novelist Nawal el Saadawi to analyse women's invisibility in the public space and the mobility challenges Arab Muslim women face.
By compiling information about survey samples in the DHS, and combining this with a qualitative examination of survey design, they identified areas of men's invisibility across time and place.
The device--created by a team at the National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS) in Montreal and described in Optica--uses a new approach to invisibility cloaking in which the frequency of light passing through an object is manipulated.
A group of researchers at Montreal's National Institute of Scientific Research developed a spectral invisibility cloak, a device that might soon make real-world objects invisible.
HAFIZABAD -- Due to invisibility caused by smog in the area, a man was killed and five others were injured seriously in a road mishap on motorway near Chauntra village on Sunday.