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Synonyms for inviolable

Synonyms for inviolable

protected from violation or abuse by custom, law, or feelings of reverence

Synonyms for inviolable

incapable of being transgressed or dishonored


must be kept sacred

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not capable of being violated or infringed

References in classic literature ?
And now he made deep protestations of a sincere inviolable affection for me, but all along attested it to be with the utmost reserve for my virtue and his own.
If I were to do such a very ridiculous thing,' he said, stopping again presently, and leaning against the chimney-piece, 'it could only be in the most inviolable confidence.
By these means he in time reached the door, where he gave a great cough to attract the dwarf's attention and gain an opportunity of expressing in dumb show, the closest confidence and most inviolable secrecy.
NNA - Following are the headlines of some of Lebanon's newspapers for Friday October 16, 2015: An-nahar: Safwan family tragedy reflects State absence Riadh to Jumblatt: To elect president via Lebanese consent As-safir: Salman to Jumblatt: Elect president, preserve stability North Lebanon airspace inviolable by Israel
The embassies and foreign missions of nations are inviolable under all treaties and norms.
The event's sponsor wanted to "show that the symbol of symbols is inviolable," Ben Guiza said.
The article provides clear evidence that this pope, like others before him, will maintain an inviolable line with respect to women--especially in matters of sexual morality.
The President stressed that social stability and equality of all citizens are inviolable principles of the country.
As per the report, "It is the inviolable legitimate exercise of the sovereignty that the DPRK has bolstered up its deterrence force for self-defense to defend the security and peace of the country and firmly safeguard the gains of the revolution.
If China sees inviolable state sovereignty as the foundation of twenty-first century international affairs, as now appears to be the case, then it must explain why this principle will not lead to the same disastrous consequences as it did in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Vlado Buckovski from SDSM believes that the bank accounts are inviolable and confidential and according to Marjanco Nikolov from SDSM it should be closely determined who may see that information, where it can be used and who guarantees its confidentiality.
A A A Morocco's unity and territorial integrity are inviolable despite conspiracies hatched by the enemies, he concluded.
However, as the course was on common land, there were inviolable rights of way across it and there were many collisions between horses and spectators.
The Dominican Republic's National Assembly voted 171 to 32 in April 2009 to amend its constitution to read: "the right to life is inviolable from conception until death".
Some 40% backed the incorporation of Sharia law into British law but Muslim students were fairly evenly split over whether controversial aspects such as punishment or stoning should be included - 32% deeming them sacred and inviolable and 34% agreeing Sharia could be modernised.