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Synonyms for invigorator

an agent that gives or restores life or vigor

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The famed drinks invented by his father and himself which were registered to the firm included the strange-sounding phosphorzine, described as a great brain, nerve and constitutional invigorator.
It also has the Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator Classic included with the After Effects 5.
Modernism in this sense is not the enemy but the preserver, the invigorator of tradition.
Use the Three-Herb Cool Dip as a rinse after the bath, after shampooing your hair, or as a general invigorator.
Packages for its Invigorator cordless massager depict six people using it in various circumstances - at work, at the gym and at home.
The After Effects Professional edition also includes several third party plug-ins, including 3D Assistants Lite from Digital Anarchy and Zaxwerks Invigorator Classic.
If you choose a healthy variety then diseases shouldn't be a problem but you can boost their resistance by applying a foliar feed like Maxicrop or SB Plant Invigorator (both foliar feeds), the latter dealing with pests too.
Rienzi's legacy was a fable for later Romantic evokers of Roman and Italian greatness -- he was seen, despite his vanities and excesses, as a would-be liberator and invigorator of the Eternal City.
The ads target women aged 21-40 whose lifestyles desire an easy way to get an all-natural invigorator containing the vitamins and nutrients for a healthy diet.
The hair, face and body collection includes witch hazel, ginseng and menthol in products such as the Scalp Invigorator, Pre-Shave Beard Softener and a De-Tox shampoo.