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with restored energy

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Once we change to a more invigorated approach, we can see how "in control" we really are.
Ideally, you should come back from a vacation feeling refreshed, even invigorated, but no matter how long you lollygag poolside with cucumber-covered eyes, one thing can get in the way of your best-laid plans: the ugly specter known as jet lag.
No matter how energized, invigorated, or otherwise actively motivated you are in your job, inevitably you're going to get to a point where things just seem as though you've hit a wall of marshmallow fluff: no, you've not slammed into something that knocks the fillings out of your teeth, you're just at a place where all movement takes more effort and the results are less than they would ordinarily be.
We get a glimpse into the tactics of the stazi, the oppressive communist-era German secret police, and into the difficulties of living today within a country where capitalism has not yet invigorated the good life.
Pantoum for a Black Man on a Greyhound Bus" uses this form to invent a kind of new blues, much the way Hawaiian music's slide invigorated the blues guitar, as the poems narrator reveals: "He left fifteen years behind prison walls/Anne Sexton used to call her asylum a jail/ .
He notes that some invigorated microbes also "start to chew up lignin and other carbon structures in soil, which we would ordinarily describe as permanent humus.
We will continue to provide the finest office properties to serve these institutions and other businesses that make up the newly invigorated local economy.
This Foodtown will provide an enormous benefit to the neighborhood and stand as a newly invigorated anchor to Restoration Plaza," said Fishbach.