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We have even planned to export products of soya milk extracts from India to Israel, Qatar, Middle East Countries and gradually to other countries", said Kentaro Takeda, Global Managing Director, Invigorate Foods.
Adding a splash of colour with cushions and throws is also a simple way to add interest and invigorate your space.
The company stated that each 3.6g packet of Invigorate contains 250mg of Sustamine, which combines amino acids including L-Alanine and L-Glutamine.
"Diet Pepsi Max is designed to offer a great-tasting solution with a unique formula that invigorates the mind and body, preventing ill-timed yawns from taking over."
Like the information technology revolution of the past few decades, the solar revolution will invigorate market economies by transforming the way in which we use energy, he says.
From soothing music and massage techniques to your therapist's choice of products, the experts at the Spa at La Costa aim to indulge, invigorate, and inspire you, relieve aching muscles, and alleviate stress.
There are two other essential elements of attempting to invigorate our economy: energy and education.
Chapters describe sensory awareness and how it may be increased, present a range of exercises and applications to learn the rules of mind mapping and how to use them effectively, and generally 'teach thinking' to invigorate latent processes.
While seeing "introduction" in the title of a book often deters the expert, this book is rich with insight that can only help to invigorate one's Old Testament preaching and teaching, whether clergy or lay, seminary student or not.
After a long day of classes, use Leg Lifts and Step Lively Energizing Foot Cream to invigorate fired limbs in lime for evening rehearsals and performances.
While photographers from Henri Cartier-Bresson to Nan Goldin have used the snapshot aesthetic to invigorate the artistic photograph, poetry, rather than prose, is Fuss's natural voice.
President Bush recently announced new programs to invigorate the teaching of American history and culture after citing surveys that showed half of high school seniors did not know Germany was an enemy of the U.S.
ReVitalize uses extracts of marine flora to invigorate the skin with cell renewal, increase the skin's metabolism and calm and soothe irritated skin.
"While the introduction of the AOLTV box will invigorate that sector, sales of Internet terminals are expected to surpass those of TV-based LAs in 2001," says Brian O'Rourke, Senior analyst with In-Stat's Multimedia Service.
"At a minimum, a Nader candidacy will invigorate progressives, invigorate the left, and get us organized.