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someone who watches examination candidates to prevent cheating

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Gutti said that the lookalike brothers tricked invigilators and security personnel to gain entrance to the centre.
These appointments are offered on a casual basis and, if appointed, you will join a bank of exam invigilators.
The Virtual Invigilation is highly customizable and will allow an invigilator to be easily setup through the invigilator interface with the criteria by which they are to be alerted to suspicious activity.
Examiners and invigilators are threatened at knifepoint or pistol point to keep quite or blink like fools.
Invigilator Gary May told a misconduct hearing that when he quizzed the pair, Dr Pinheiro said: "OK, it was me.
Regarding the allegation of carrying bits of paper into the examination hall to aid copying, he said his hall ticket had flown off the table, and when he put it in his handkerchief, the invigilator mistook it for a piece of paper that was brought for copying.
Student invigilators keep an eye as parents take test to raise money for Dubai Autism Centre.
This means that from now on, if a student does require a toilet break during an exam, they will be accompanied into the toilet area by an invigilator of the appropriate sex, and will not be allowed to close the door if they need to use an individual stall.
Upon checking, it was found they had images of the question paper on WhatsApp," said an invigilator on duty who did not wish to be named.
After retiring, Nainby worked as a volunteer football coach and exam invigilator on a casual basis at the school.
Planet Earth Protection) Squad is in effect an Irish Cherub, with Jess, a feisty but brilliant 16 year old recruited into this ultra-secret training school for spies by the invigilator at her Junior Certificate (GCSE) exams.
Among the most serious allegations the ministry is probing is the case of a woman invigilator who was found taking photos of answer sheets of candidates on her mobile phone at one of the examination centres where she was supposed to guard against any violations.
Meanwhile the registered candidates are seen standing quietly in the aisle waiting their turn to be called to the front of the room to have their photo taken by an invigilator to "prove" they have sat the test.
Accoding to local reports, two hours into the test, an invigilator glanced at the candidates' ID cards and noticed the deception.
As an independent exams invigilator for a number of years now I can understand why the school has taken this stance.