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someone who watches examination candidates to prevent cheating

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Earlier, a team of officials of ACE, Rawalpindi Region carried out a raid on a school and held an invigilator and a clerk on charges of receiving bribe for allowing candidates to use unfair means during exam.
County commissioner John Elungata visited the school and said two invigilators and one supervisor were also arrested.
The student said that when the invigilator asked for the stream table, he removed it from his bag and handed it to him, unknown to him he forgot the sheets he used to solve past question papers inside the stream table.
"These appointments are offered on a casual basis and, if appointed, you will join a bank of exam invigilators."
The Proposed System is a Virtual Invigilator in real monitoring system where there is no need of Network to find any traffic.
Joseph, appeared for his law exam in Patna, the invigilator inched towards him with a furtive glance and asked him to disgorge all the paper chits he might have hidden under his sleeves.
Dr Joao Fernandes Pinheiro and his girlfriend Dr Ana Do Amaral sat next to each other during the medical test and were spotted whispering by an invigilator.
He was appearing for an examination for a masters in law in May when he was pulled up by the invigilator for copying.
Anjanette was one of the few students selected to be the exam invigilator at the special test event.
Solihull Sixth Form College says teenagers sitting mock exams later this month will have to be accompanied to the toilet block by an invigilator - and they will not be allowed to close the cubicle door.
After retiring, Nainby worked as a volunteer football coach and exam invigilator on a casual basis at the school.
Among the most serious allegations the ministry is probing is the case of a woman invigilator who was found taking photos of answer sheets of candidates on her mobile phone at one of the examination centres where she was supposed to guard against any violations.
Meanwhile the registered candidates are seen standing quietly in the aisle waiting their turn to be called to the front of the room to have their photo taken by an invigilator to "prove" they have sat the test.
WOLVERHAMPTON: 5.50 Kodafine, 6.20 Bird Of Light, 6.50 Choice Of Destiny, 7.20 Eye Of The Tiger, 7.50 Tabaayun, 8.20 Invigilator, 8.50 Trending, 9.20 High On A Hill.
Accoding to local reports, two hours into the test, an invigilator glanced at the candidates' ID cards and noticed the deception.