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Of those, almost half will be using a word processor, 28 per cent will be in receipt of additional examination time and others will receive individual invigilation or have access to medical staff.
Ms Monaghan said the exams had broken the university's own rules because there was no proper marking, no set pass mark, no invigilation and no copies of the papers made before they were returned to the students.
More, he has been taken up by those who want to show even at this late stage that a further layer of paranoia and secrecy, imposed by McCarthyite invigilation, is justified retrospectively.
Some teachers do not carry out invigilation themselves, they usually send a senior student, lab attendant, librarian or peon to conduct invigilation.
The use of mobile phones in the examination hall suggests that the invigilation staff facilitated cheating.
During this examination process, the invigilation process is also very relaxed; as a result there is 98% to 99% success rate.
The Chairman said in order to ensure more transparency a candidate's photo had been made compulsory on the MCQ answer-sheet under PPSC while use of technology was hallmark of operations as interview-panels were now formed on the day interview invigilation staff will be assigned examination duties through computer software and the duties could be shuffled hours before the examination.
The changes come in three phases, the final is due in September this year when guaranteed professional time for planning, preparation and assessment is due, along with dedicated headship time and new invigilation arrangements.
The Bush Administration, which fought so valiantly against democratic invigilation both in Washington and in San Jose, is now intruding again in the affairs of Costa Rica to make sure that such impudent displays of independence do not recur.
'He should not have been sent to a girls' college for invigilation,' the FDE chief maintained.
He said that a lot of work had to be done by the boards in the coming few days including informing the invigilation staff about their duties, printing of the examination papers and dispatching of answer sheets to the examination centres.
Different field officers will perform invigilation duties for smooth conduct of assessment test in government as well as in PEF partner schools.
As few courses have any sort of invigilation Herr Schmidt and his frau are free to cause any havoc they like and here's a word of advice: stay clear of those courses that say in the blurb that they want to see handicap certificates.
'The names of invigilation staff have also been finalised through a draw in the relevant boards but the invigilators haven't been informed about their duty due to the continuing strike,' he said.