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watch over (students taking an exam, to prevent cheating)

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Senior Superintendent Faisal Masood, lodged a complaint with the local police that during invigilating the examination paper of English subject of Intermediate he found out that Mohammad Junaid was using unfair means for solving the paper.
I also had to survive by invigilating students' tests, whenever there was a need.
The League also called for establishing a clear and transparent mechanism that would choose the teachers and officials who oversee the entire process of the official exams from invigilating to marking.
Previously the trust con-firmed that Mr Rodgers had been suspended and said: "There is an investigation under way relating to a GCSE mathematics exam and irregularities in the conduct of the exam when the academy's head of centre was invigilating."
The candidates also hire medical students as scorers who sit near them in the examination hall and help them cheat in front of the invigilating staff who are heavily bribed to fix the seating arrangements.
Besides around 200 invigilating staff was also deployed and assigned the task of smooth conduction of the test.
Drishti, as a part of its CSR initiatives, provisioned a team of volunteers who went to the SAP test sites and contributed by invigilating the exam.
He was invigilating an examination that morning when he suddenly felt unwell and had to leave the room; unfortunately, despite the immediate and invaluable assistance of several of his colleagues, nothing could be done to save him.
The teacher was also invigilating during a Teachers Association Program (TAP) English exam.
This has set up an explosive situation for the leaders heading our government who must realise they are now walking a dangerous terrain with the judiciary invigilating their actions with hawk eyes.
The ban on teaching staff invigilating exams was enshrined in the 2003 Teachers Work Load Agreement which became a legislative requirement in 2005.
I happened to be invigilating their extended essay paper and I was amazed and delighted to see a question on proportional representation, a real gift for them since it had formed part of their Government and Politics syllabus.
This step is one of a number of measures decided by the union -- including withdrawal from the Council of Primary, Secondary and Higher Education and the discussions with the Ministry on education reform -- and covers the setting of papers, the transportation, collection and correction of exam scripts, and invigilating the exams.