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watch over (students taking an exam, to prevent cheating)

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The Government of Liangzhou district of Wuwei, Gansu province, asked 18 primary school students to invigilate the exam.
By law, only public school educators may run the national exams--annulling an offer by the university to invigilate the Modern Greek exam themselves.
Some past students also posted their testimonies from the time he was deputed at a school in Westridge to invigilate exams and was found harassing students.
Yesterday, the union of secondary school teachers OELMEK ratcheted up the heat, warning they might pull out of the ongoing dialogue on education reform, withdraw from education councils and refuse to invigilate the Modern Greek exam come this May.
When the education authorities assign many of them to invigilate students in the exam halls, these teachers exploit their power inside these halls to extort students and take money from them in exchange for allowing them to cheat.
"A lecturer has agreed to invigilate the exam for us at an earlier time, but it's up to the school at the end of the day."
Lecturers have caused havoc on campuses by refusing to mark and invigilate exams this summer.
A teacher from Salendine Nook High School was called in to invigilate as Leigh sat the exams at his grandparents' house as his parents were on holiday.
Redcar scorer Invigilate (4.45) can go in again, while local owner Tony Collins has an interest in Peartree House (4.15), easy to back at Newbury, but sure to be straighter today.
This means that the union is also asking the thousands of teachers contracted by the Kenya National Examinations Council to invigilate and supervise the tests, not to do so.
Saadat Bashir, who is a biology professor at Islamabad Model College for Boys, Sector H-9, had been sent by the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) to invigilate the exam ongoing for three days.
Volunteers were also sought to help the production team set up and to invigilate over the weekend.
"They are saying that teachers shouldn't do photocopying, they are saying that teachers shouldn't put up displays, they are saying that teachers shouldn't invigilate exams...I have a simple message to those union general secretaries: don't let your ideologies hold back our children."
The decision to go for a ballot on a boycott comes after a preliminary indicative ballot showed a majority of members who returned their ballot papers in favour of refusing to hand out the test papers and invigilate the tests.
The motion, widely expected to be approved, could mean teachers refuse to prepare or invigilate for the exams next year.