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someone who commits capital in order to gain financial returns

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The significance for investor relations officers is that institutional investors are no longer willing to rely on brokerage analysts as the primary storytellers for the company.
First, for at least the last two decades, the most popular form of real estate ownership when multiple investors are involved has been that of an LLC or partnership for many reasons, including the ability to avoid double taxation and to limit one's exposure to personal liability.
Among the 17 award categories are grand prix for best investor relations by an ASX 100 company and non-ASX 100 company, best IR by a CEO or chairman at an ASX 100 company and non-ASX 100 company, best IRO at an ASX 100 company and non-ASX 100 company, and best applied corporate governance.
For example, I'll be especially interested in the quote that's included in a new store release, because it supports the growth perspectives we've shared in investor presentations.
Was the defendant reimbursing the investor for lost income or for capital invested?
For investors like San Jose, California, resident Glenn E, Perkins, the latest mutual fund scandals have shaken is confidence.
An investor typically buys a fund in a certain strategy category because it fits well with his or her portfolio.
A novice investor who likes tech stocks could purchase a tech fund.
Communication regained its footing through open dialogue, including an investor conference call, regular updates via press releases, careful management of media contacts and ongoing updates from management.
There has been a sharp shift in the short-term outlook for occupancy and room rate to strongly negative, although investors are confident with regard to the medium term outlook.
An ownership interest in a noncorporate investee if the investor is able to exercise significant influence.
But if an investor buys the stock on margin _ paying $25 in cash and borrowing $25 from a broker _ he'll earn a 100 percent return on the money invested.
Although sell-side communications remain an important element in investor relations programs, the factors that drive research coverage greatly favor large-cap or actively traded companies, companies in high-profile industries and companies with active merger and acquisition or capital raising programs.
Dunn of Datek agreed, saying, ``We believe that education is the most important thing an investor can do before they click that mouse to make a trade.
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