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a letter of intent saying that a letter security is being bought for investment and not for resale

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(13) In December 2005, the OCC approved each of these proposals in Interpretive Letters 1044 (PNC Mixed-Use Development Letter), 1045 (Bank of America Hotel Letter), and 1048 (Union Bank Wind Farm Investment Letter), respectively.
When an issue is sold directly by the issuer to the investor, registration with the SEC can be avoided if a letter of intent (investment letter) is signed by the purchaser establishing that the securities are being bought for investment, and not for resale.
In a prosperous Seattle suburb, an assemblage of ordinary and seemingly well-off individuals have the (mis)fortune to encounter a free copy of "The Rich Man's Investment Letter". (Source: Liverpool Investment Letter October 2003, Liverpool Research Group in Macroeconomics)
Additionally, investors can gain access to The Outlook, Standard & Poor's highly regarded investment letter; Industry Surveys; and Stock Reports, which contain in-depth analysis and data on over 6,400 publicly traded companies.
Recently, however, a former Forbes magazine writer, Evan Sturza, launched Sturza's Medical Investment Letter ($250 for 12 monthly issues; 212-873-7200).
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