investment funds

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money that is invested with an expectation of profit

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The real estate investment funds will be available for public subscription in accordance with the regulations and the units will be traded on the Muscat Securities Market (MSM).
According to the Deputy Prime Minster, the Investment Funds bill is a piece of legislation with the potential to usher in a new era for investment funds in The Bahamas, with a comprehensive, best in class regulatory framework designed to overcome regulatory gaps and deficiencies in the prevailing Investment Funds Act, 2003, and create new opportunities for the investment funds industry to develop and flourish.
Under this announcement, the holding of investment funds managed by OP Fund Management Company Ltd has increased to 1 084 949 shares, corresponding to 7,18% of the company's shares and voting rights, with OP Fund Management Company Ltd having zero shares and zero voting rights; OP-Suomi investment fund having 918 464 shares and 6.
The domestic investment public welcomes the move of KB Publikum for establishing and managing this investment fund which will invest in the ten most active equities traded on the Macedonian stock market.
The agreement was signed by the Secretary General of SAGIA Abdulrahman Al-Mufdhi and Chief Executive Officer of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev.
The drop was the lowest level since 2008 when the Central Bank of Cyprus started monitoring the approved investment funds.
During a meeting on Sunday held between Salman and Investment Funds and Africa Fund Manager at Deutsche Bank Sebastian Caulfield, the minister said that the meeting comes within ministry efforts to attract investments to the Egyptian Exchange.
Alternative investment funds are collective investment undertakings, which collect capital from investors in their interests.
This new Regulation aims at encouraging and organising the formation of new Investment Funds in Libya.
With the launch, the total number of investment funds in the Saudi market has increased to 22, including 10 Islamic Sharia-compliant funds.
The new Collective Investment Funds Regime, enacted in the DIFC in July 2010, established a new, stream-lined regulatory process similar to regulatory regimes in the US and elsewhere which exempt certain investment funds from government registration if they cater exclusively to sophisticated investors and are subject to certain disclosure and marketing restrictions," the DIFC said in a press release.
5 months for investment funds to disclose acquisitions of large equity stakes in listed firms, FSA sources said Friday.
New sections discuss this January 5, 2004, policy that alerts banking organizations, including their boards of directors and senior management, of the safety-and-soundness implications of and the legal impediments to a bank providing financial support to investment funds advised by the bank, its subsidiaries, or affiliates (that is, an affiliated investment fund).
As studies like these accumulate, environmentally screened investment funds will likely grow in popularity.
Under the new venture, CT and Citigroup Investments plan to capitalize and manage a series of private investment funds focusing on high-yield commercial real estate "mezzanine" investments.