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a banker who deals chiefly in underwriting new securities

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We use this estimated probability as a proxy for the market's expectation and use it to measure the extent to which the firm unexpectedly chooses a high-prestige investment banker. We expect that firms that go against type to use a high-prestige banker will have less negative announcement effects and superior long-term performance.
In the investment banker context, we are not looking at the adoption of a formal policy or structure (like the M-form), but, rather, the choice of one investment banker among many.
To that end, the loan agreements often include a provision that the investment banker (or an affiliate) handle the refinancing.
Underpricing costs the company substantial sums and can damage the investment banker's reputation.
He must resolve lingering cultural friction between traders and Goldman's client-oriented investment bankers. Corzine acknowledges that managing these two functions is a "balancing act." Some clients have griped that Goldman's trading for its own account compromised their interests.
Levine was the first in a line of investment bankers and traders brought down by insider trading charges in what was to become the scandal of all Wail Street scandals.
As a result, comparatively advantageous advice is said to be provided by the acquirer's investment banker which offers both the lowest premiums to its client's target firm and generates the highest abnormal returns to the acquiring firm being advised.
His wealth and range of experience in the Technology sector as an investment banker, a private equity investor and a corporate executive will further strengthen Baird s platform and enhance our client service.
Malaysian investment bankers were seriously considering investing outside Malaysia, particularly in the Philippines on the back of its strong macroeconomic fundamentals.
The treasurer and the senior investment banker had rehearsed the conversations beforehand.
Summary: Chelsea Clinton marries investment banker Marc Mezvinsky in upstate New York.
"If they (BP) want to make $10 billion through asset divestitures -- it's a discreet field and there will be a lot of buyers for it," said an Asia-based investment banker who has advised Chinese energy companies on outbound deals.
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner announced today that former investment banker Steven Rattner will "transition back to private life and his family," stating that senior adviser, Ron Bloom, also a former investment banker, will assume leadership of the Task Force's activities.
Trowers & Hamlins appoints former investment banker as new Oman Partner
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