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someone who advises others how to invest their money

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All winners will be featured in the July 2018 issue of Investment Advisor. "Highlighting outstanding managers is an important service for members of the asset management community as well as the advisors and investors who rely on them," said Tim Clift, Chief Investment Strategist at Envestnet | PMC, Envestnet's Portfolio Management Consultants group.
Robos like Vanguard and Personal Capital that combine technology with human advice should be regulated as investment advisors under the Advisers Act.
What this doesn't mean is that Texas has no jurisdictional authority whatsoever over such an investment advisor. To the contrary - and this is the open door I referred to earlier - Texas actually retains quite a bit of authority to, among other things:
* Furthermore, the code should define the importance of not only adhering to the letter of the law, but also to the spirit of the law, guided by the stated ideals of the investment advisor.
uA 82% of Canadian want their investment advisor to explain their investments in easy-to-understand terms.
The plan participant's investor profile assists the investment advisor in determining asset allocation and a risk/reward profile of the proposed portfolio.
"This taking of assets created his Cyeconomic benefit' required for a finding that he acted as an investment advisor by providing securities advice Cyfor compensation.'"
An "indirect testimonial" would include an investment advisor publishing a favorable statement or endorsement attributed to its client (e.g., "our clients tell us that we are the best investment advisors in the business.").
Investment Advisor (Shrewsbury, NJ), a magazine serving independent financial advisors published by Wicks Business Information, has launched Retirement Plan Advisor/Interactive Edition, a monthly e-newsletter focusing on the needs of readers who offer 401(k) and other qualified retirement plans to their clients.
The key to picking stocks is to deal with an investment advisor, look on the Internet for trading companies that offer free information on specific stocks or be aware of new trends," says Dana Nelson, a senior financial advisor with American Express in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
The announcement was made by Paul Schack, president of Strategic Resources Corporation, Phoenix Four's exclusive representative and investment advisor, and by James Hopkins, III, Strategic Resources' executive vice president.
If your CPA or attorney doesn't have the training or expertise to act as a fiduciary, ask him or her to subcontract the portfolio management to a professional investment advisor. However, achieving the principal goals of the trust-whether income generation or wealth accumulation-remains the responsibility of the trustee.
Last month, SEC Chairwoman Mary Jo White shocked the investment advisor industry and caused firms to consider succession planning for the first time since Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
In announcing that he was introducing the bill, Bachus said that the average SEC-registered investment advisor can expect to be examined less than once every 11 years.
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