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Synonyms for investiture

Synonyms for investiture

the act or process of formally admitting a person to membership or office

Synonyms for investiture

the ceremony of installing a new monarch

the ceremonial act of clothing someone in the insignia of an office


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(233) We regard these administrative duties as a classic example of the exercise of non-contentious investitive jurisdiction; the chancellor was called upon to conduct inquisitorial (rather than adversarial) proceedings and to make findings that would establish a new protected status for the individuals in question.
By highlighting the investitive (and divestitive) (246) nature of certain legal proceedings, our non-contentious account can help to clarify the scope and limits of federal power over issues of status.
(250) While the action, if successful, would change the plaintiff's legal status from divorced under Mexican law to that of married under New York law, the suit was not brought to secure an investitive (or divestitive) decree.
We think Weinstein correctly identified the distinction between an investitive decree that seeks to alter jural relations (marriage, divorce) (253) and a dispute over the current status of the parties' jural relations that may result in a decree that alters that status.
It is worth mentioning that facilitation of investitive procedures will be materialized only if financial clarification in domestic financial resources of SMEs can be accessible for external potentialities in investment.
hath it,] <sometimes by Investitive Ordination from another that hath it,> B1 | Sometimes by investiture Ordination from another that hath it: B2 | sometimes by investiture <or> ordination from another that hath it: B3 (c) Governors] B1, B2 | governor B3 (d) Capitulation] Capitulations B2 | capitulations B3 (e) future Government] em.
Despite this availability in equitable courts of judgments involving some executory or investitive relief, American courts, even those in equity, were hesitant to award solely declaratory judgments, in other words, those judgments that simply declared the rights of parties without coercing relief (as in damages or injunctions) or creating or altering existing jural relationships (as in granting a divorce or nullifying a marriage).
Canon 3A(7) represented a departure from former Canon 3A(7) [ABA Canon 35], The former canon generally proscribed electronic media and still photography coverage of judicial proceedings from within and in areas immediately adjacent to the courtroom, with three categories of exceptions--(a) use for judicial administration, (b) coverage of investitive, ceremonial, and naturalization proceedings, and (c) use for instructional purposes in educational institutions.
Recognizing an inquisitorial role for judges and often relaxing strict adversary requirements in the issuance of investitive decrees, these courts registered legal claims and tested the boundaries of official authority.
Such first acquisitions happen through some investitive facts "or processes, by which unheld things may come to be held" (Nozick, 1974, p.