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Synonyms for investigation

Synonyms for investigation

the act or an instance of exploring or investigating

a seeking of knowledge, data, or the truth about something

a close or systematic study

Synonyms for investigation

an inquiry into unfamiliar or questionable activities

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The investigations at Gleninch and elsewhere, beginning on the twenty-sixth of October, were not completed until the twenty-eighth.
I move, then, that, while Professor Summerlee be thanked for his interesting address, the whole matter shall be regarded as `non-proven,' and shall be referred back to a larger, and possibly more reliable Committee of Investigation.
I need not remind this audience that, though Professor Summerlee, as the head of the Committee of Investigation, has been put up to speak to-night, still it is I who am the real prime mover in this business, and that it is mainly to me that any successful result must be ascribed.
Apparently the age of romance was not dead, and there was common ground upon which the wildest imaginings of the novelist could meet the actual scientific investigations of the searcher for truth.
Besides the investigation into the manner in which the deceased had met his death, there were serious questions to be settled relating to the cause of the fire, to the abstraction of the keys, and to the presence of a stranger in the vestry at the time when the flames broke out.
I am in charge, sir," he said, "of the investigations concerning the murder of Mr.
If I find that my investigations lead me in the direction which at present seems probable, it is no ordinary person whom I shall have to arrest when the time comes.
If my long practice in cultivating the field of human sympathy had not accustomed me to private investigations into the affairs of other people, I might have found some of these queries rather difficult to deal with in the course of a week.
Hence, after fruitless attempts to suppress such investigations indirectly by making them liable to a heavy tax, the Legislature, in comparatively recent times, absolutely prohibited them.
But I found it difficult to get to work upon my abstract investigations.
A criminal investigation is governed by different rules compared with a civil examination.
0047, a value that exceeded expectation for this time of year and that prompted an epidemiologic investigation.
When companies issue a restatement, boards or regulatory agencies may require an investigation.
An accounting firm's cooperation with any PCAOB investigation is all but guaranteed because of the severe consequences of the failure to comply--that is, deregistration, based on the consent the firm gave in the application.
Our investigation indicates that perhaps a dozen or more others were involved in the OKC plot, including several inhabitants of, and regular visitors to, "Elohim City," a white separatist commune in rural eastern Oklahoma.
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