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He said an investigation of the Ombudsman initiated by the executive branch would 'effectively defeat the independence and flexibility needed' by the graft investigating body.
Algerian authorities are investigating the possible presence of an Israeli intelligence network spying on arms deals Algeria has struck with Russia and Ukraine, according to the Jordanian daily AD DUSTOUR Wednesday.
Erwin, a licensed architect with more than 25 years of experience with Thornton Tomasetti as well as prominent architectural firms in New York City, specializes in investigating building performance issues and providing litigation support to the legal community.
However, Dana is investigating new uses that include the creation of carbon nanotubes--a byproduct created when acetylene is used to create the plasma--and investigating whether this device can be utilized to improve in-cylinder combustion and exhaust aftertreatment for both gasoline and diesel engines.
Foreign governments should "uphold their obligations under international law by investigating U.
But the State Department has not listed Hindu nationalists on its lists of terrorist groups, and the Justice Department is not investigating their fundraising in the U.
We are currently investigating Sweet & Maxwell, but it is impossible to say at this stage how long this will take.
Congress is investigating the $240,000 contract with conservative commentator Armstrong Williams, who has admitted the deal was a mistake, and the Federal Communications Commission is investigating whether Williams broke the law by failing to disclose that the education department paid him to support education programs, particularly NCLB, to Williams' mainly minority audience members.
Tierney, who spent nearly a decade investigating bond claims, has made insurance fraud her specialty.
One hundred wrote to me and I found that the Law Society is still rejecting far too many complaints that it should be investigating.
Carl Levin of Michigan, expressing the unanimous view of Democratic members of the investigating committee, "that it was aimed at the presidential race or that it affected the presidential race.
They also take the substantive content of so-called occult traditions and texts seriously, investigating aspects of particular traditions and texts in depth.
SAREJEVO -- Some United Nations police monitors engaged in sex trade offences in Bosnia and Herzegovina, instead of promoting the rule of law by using local police and investigating illegal activities, Human Rights Watch says in a recently released report.
The Division enforces technical and ethical standards by investigating and adjudicating disciplinary charges against AICPA members.
In FSA 200136010, the Service concluded that a bank had to capitalize the costs of acquiring credit card receivables, including the costs of investigating whether to purchase the receivables and which receivables to purchase.
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