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Synonyms for invest

Synonyms for invest

to admit formally into membership or office, as with ritual

to present with a quality, trait, or power

to cover completely and closely, as with clothing or bandages

to surround and cover completely so as to obscure

to surround with hostile troops

Synonyms for invest

give qualities or abilities to

furnish with power or authority

place ceremoniously or formally in an office or position


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For example, you could invest PS200 in a fund which will spread your money across a number of firms.
The ideal solution for beginners and people who don't have the time or skills required to invest directly in the stock market is to invest through stock-based mutual funds.
For those who prefer to have cash available, invest in tax-efficient mutual funds such as stock indexes and/or government bonds.
He says Slater has invested in 16 companies since 2000 and that the "sweet spot" investment is typically $250,000 at first.
At the same time, though, "there's more and more knowledge, objective and otherwise, with which to make a decision." He says that information on historical performance, risk, investment styles, and operating strategies can help endowment managers make good decisions about whether to invest in real estate.
To date, the government has invested most heavily in HFC destruction, landfill-gas capturing and other high-yield projects; its investment in renewables or energy efficiency has been minimal.
11, 2001, terrorist attacks, private equity invested billions into the Bermuda market to finance new property/casualty efforts.
Since 1988, LSP's management has invested in over 40 companies, and has contributed to the launch of biotech companies such as Qiagen, Rhein Biotech and Crucell.
An LGBT investor could invest in MBNA Corp., but this company doesn't protect gender identity or expression, doesn't support a LGBT employee resource group or diversity council, and doesn't include LGBT issues among its marketing and philanthropy initiatives.
Keeping in mind today's relatively low capital gain rate, it might be acceptable to invest in a mutual fund portfolio, pay any capital gain taxes on reallocation and forgo a variable annuity's tax deferral.
"Companies wouldn't invest and we saw negative growth across the board."
"We have to invest this money for the remainder of the term because that was set up in the will," said Ms.
There must be something attractive to the local or international investors who invest in the Brazilian stock exchange.
They might also invest in a mutual fund, to reduce the risk of loss.