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  • verb

Synonyms for invert

Synonyms for invert

to change to the opposite position, direction, or course

Synonyms for invert

make an inversion (in a musical composition)

reverse the position, order, relation, or condition of


Related Words

turn inside out or upside down

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Lowering perfusion pressure when inverting the ILM flap and during air-fluid exchange might help to avoid dislocation of the ILM flap during surgery.
This is not simply retro fascination: Continuous Project transport whole historical documents, inverting time, funneling the past into the present via facsimile.
This study offers insights into the potential of this trend by examining share price reactions for inverting firms around the time of their initial inversion announcements.
For example, if subjects use specific features to perceive the facial expressions, then inverting those features should severely disrupt identification of the expression.
Inverting the grain within the column equalizes the temperature in the outer and inner grain because inner grain is more susceptible to overdrying.
The Pro 20 comes with an economy equipment package, including the basic machine; coolant tank/chip conveyor; platform; 12-ft electronic bar feeder; Lexan ring and lid; cutoff, inverting, threading, and recessing units; six toolspindle units; set of round collets, ejectors, inverting, and guide bushings; and assorted quick-change toolholders.
Unitek's approach is to run two colors continuously with one layer inside the other, inverting them to change colors without creating scrap.