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having an additive or multiplicative inverse

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Invertible Light is a new approach for depth sensing that enables the smallest, fastest and most power-efficient 3D sensing.
Dworak, "Efficient algorithm for designing multipurpose control systems for invertible and right invertible MIMO plants", Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences, vol.
Surely the most distinctive characteristic of Sala's partimenti is their exceptional emphasis on imitative and invertible counterpoint, a pedagogical practice van Tour has apdy called "soggetto counterpoint." This is best illustrated by example.
Suppose L is an invertible circulant matrix over a finite field [Z.sub.p].
where A [member of] A is invertible and [parallel][A.sup.-1][parallel] < 1, we call T an expansion mapping on (X, A, G).
where Q is an invertible mxm matrix, q : [R.sup.m] [right arrow] [R.sup.m], and S : [R.sup.n] [right arrow] [R.sup.m].
Furthermore, the positioning of the fimS invertible element changes to a more Phase-ON orientation and more type 1 pili are produced following the FimH tip adhesin binding to mannose, suggesting that type 1 piliated UPEC cells change physiologically after attachment to the mannose receptors to maintain the adherence through a sustained commitment to type 1 pilus expression.
where [gamma] is a smooth contour surrounding zero, provided that I - T(z) is boundedly invertible and f is regular inside y and on [gamma].
Atta-ur-Rahman, "Spread Spectrum based Invertible Watermarking for Medical Images using RNS Chaos," International Arab Journal of Information Technology, vol.
There are four invertible transitions ([s.sub.1], [s.sub.2], a/0), ([s.sub.2], [s.sub.2], a/1), ([s.sub.2],[s.sub.3],b/1), and ([s.sub.3],[s.sub.1], a/1).
Due to the existence of a smooth QR factorization (see [6]) there exists a pointwise orthogonal matrix function Q such that [Q.sup.T]Q = I, EQ = [[E.sub.11] 0], where [E.sub.11] is an invertible lower triangular [m.sub.1] x [m.sub.1] matrix.
The most proposed algorithms were based on the direct model inversion, that is H = [M.sup.-1], assuming that [M.sup.-1] is invertible. [M.sup.-1] represents the input-output map of the process [37, 38].
Since A[[y.sub.*] - [x.sub.*]] = f([y.sub.*]) - f([x.sub.*]) = 0, if operator A is invertible, then [y.sub.*] = [x.sub.*].
The operator [K.sub.d] is invertible in the space [L.sub.2](h[Z.sub.m]) iff [mathematical expression not reproducible].