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having an additive or multiplicative inverse

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With the assumption that [OMEGA] is invertible, Equation (3) follows from Equation (1).
22] is invertible, and let S be the computed Schur complement based on [?
Invertible finite elements for robust simulation of large deformation, In SCA '04: Proceedings of the 2004 ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics symposium on Computer animation: 131-140.
The Jacobian Jy can be proved to be invertible in the similar way as Du et al.
Let V be a n dimensional vector space over a field F, [sigma] a linear transformation on V, [tau] a invertible linear transformation on V, [iota] the transformation identity and [theta] the null transformation.
Then I contains an invertible element of R, and so I = R = [M.
Their framework uses highly efficient spectral representations to arrive at invertible linkages between material structure, its properties, and the processing paths used to alter the material structure.
QinetiQ North America has sent its Dragon Runner 10, which also has an invertible view screen, and the option of adding a manipulator arm.
One can imagine an invertible version, where, once the water had run out, turning the device upside down and switching a few pipe connections, perhaps automatically with gravity activated valves, would then allow it to start all over again.
For example Lay [10] list twelve necessary conditions for the existence of an inverse of an inverse of a square n x n matrix building up his so called The Invertible Matrix Theorem .
Each of these pieces provide a unique glimpse into Hersch's musical style: "Nocturne," a sophisticated sound esthetic and linear control; "Little Spinning Song," the primacy of outer-voice counterpoint and its influence on the resulting nontonal harmonic progression; and, "Chorinho," a characteristic left-hand accompaniment and the role of invertible counterpoint in generating tuneful melodies.
For our purposes it is important that geometric calculus allows us to define in a very systematic fashion a hierarchy of associative, non-commutative, and invertible operations that can be performed on [2.
One of Tanaka's designs incorporates the blazing lights of Electric Dress; another proposes a phallic tower of flaccid, inflatable yellow fabric; and the third depicts a collapsible and invertible yellow ziggurat.
If a 2x2 invertible matrix a is positive definite and has distinct eigenvalues then the square root of a is given by