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having an additive or multiplicative inverse

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In order to construct a CPA-secure encryption scheme, there is an invertible matrix H can be used like this
n-1]B] =r<n holds if and only if there is an invertible matrix T such that the matrices A = [T.
The promoter of fimA gene is present within the invertible sequences: correct positioning of promoter will promote the transcription of fimA gene: ON orientation while in case of incorrect positioning of fimA gene promoter will inhibit its transcription:
For a finite tensor category C the Brauer-Picard group BrPic(C) is defined as the group of equivalence classes of invertible exact C-C-bimodule categories.
Data fusion: After placing the transformations of the variety of data structures into the same conceptual framework using momentum maps, synthesise (fuse) their multiple modalities of information by accounting for the different transformation properties of the different data structures under smooth invertible maps.
Following [11], a bounded linear operator A is g-Drazin invertible if 0 is not an accumulated spectral point of A.
Section IV shows the market risk premium in CAPM is decided by the expected excess rate of return on assets and the invertible covariance matrix among the assets' rate of return.
It was Gardner who first showed me the invertible signatures designed by Scott Kim.
It can be field-configured for three radial vibration ranges or position with invertible position signal, selectable sensor loop response times and optional sensor fault lock out times.
The best model has been selected by comparing the estimates of the coefficients in the ARIMA-X models to ensure that the process is stationary / invertible the standard error of regression log-likelihood Akaike information criterion (AIC) and Schwarz information criterion
8] added remeshing and basis updates to the invertible finite element method of Irving et al.
n] is said to be invertible if there exists t G [Z.