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a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else

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So if you want to find pages with the words 'search' and 'engines', you type those words without any inverted commas and Google boasts that it found "about 105,000,000 results" in 0.
Hosted by Dermot Whelan, a man so painfully funny I've started listening to him on the radio just so I can close my eyes and imagine he's on the TV, Republic Of Telly is the first RTE 'comedy' that doesn't need inverted commas around it.
He must have known that, he must have intended to be seen in the context of having had the courage to do what he did and to assault this - I put it in inverted commas - 'wicked newspaper owner'," he added.
IN YOUR recent article by local government correspondent Neil Elkes, the Jewellery Quarter Investment "safe", I notice that the word "safe" was in inverted commas.
Brand told the Chris Moyles Show: "I phoned up Andrew Sachs to apologise for a matter live on radio and Jonathan Ross blurted out an expletive regarding Andrew Sachs' granddaughter who I'd, in inverted commas, recently 'met'.
I have removed the inverted commas around better because this is by far the more common application of the word to racehorses of different ages.
He said: "Having got our noses in front, I thought it might have been one of those days where we might have nicked all three points - in inverted commas nicked.
Possibly the most poignant of these works is the Self-portrait with Tyrolean hat, 1913, which bears in inverted commas the inscription EGO.
The category of "civilization" has lost all claim to legitimacy, and "Romanization" is a term often avoided altogether or set off in inverted commas (as here) to signify its contested and problematical status.
No orthodox Catholic journal should use these terms except with inverted commas.
Most contributors feel compelled to hang the jargon of theoretical discourse in inverted commas since the sacred mystery of language has been abused by the poststructuralists and the authors seek to expose their juvenile daring.
Double inverted commas are of the German kind, with the opening sign on the line rather than above it (since single inverted commas of the familiar, aerial, kind are available to the printer, it is a pity these were not used throughout).
To these we can add a fifth, and the smirking irony of inverted commas suits this last "Genet" especially well: this is Genet the act, the getup, the mannerism, the Genet beloved of American adolescents of all ages who yearn to "transgress" traditional values, even though at this point the very word "transgression" has become almost the imprimatur of enlightened-bourgeois false consciousness.
The inverted commas are important because a room classed as spare by this miserable Government may actually be in use - just not every night of the week.
I put the word only in inverted commas because, by British standards, 500 violent deaths in one city every 12 months still seems like an awful lot.