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a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else

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13 left scapulae had pear shaped, 5 had oval shaped & 7 had inverted comma shaped glenoid cavity among the study group and 9 right scapulae showed pear shaped, 6 showed oval shaped and 10 showed inverted comma shaped glenoid cavity (table 14 & chart 1).
It was observed that in 38% the glenoid cavity was inverted comma shaped i.
SHAPE OF THE GLENOID CAVITY: It was noted whether the shape was inverted comma shaped, oval or pear shaped.
As per their opinions, research scholars used deceiving tactics as under: (a) Paraphrasing, (b) Inverted commas, and (c) Partition of the paragraph to reduce similarity index.
Like One Direction, Taylor Swift and virtually every big pop act, The Hunna have a name for their fans: The H-Squad - although it is perhaps curious to single out the people who have been there from the beginning as the band only 'launched' six months ago, according to their press release, the inverted commas making the band sound more like a fizzy drink than a band.
Gayle's use of inverted commas around 'Blush' in his announcement post led many to think the name was a hoax.
The authority said that the way the term world class was presented, with capital letters and inverted commas, alongside references to academic qualifi-cations suggested that they were using the term objectively and not aspirationally.
One of the reasons Dikheads took offence was because 'a former president of the Republic referred to the elections of the Turkish Cypriots' without placing the word elections in inverted commas.
In a world where we've become used to fairytales being slyly reimagined in inverted commas (see the Shrek trilogy, Ella Enchanted and Brave, for example), Branagh approaches the story with a straight face.
Single inverted commas should be employed for quotations, with double inverted commas for quotations within quotations.
The inverted commas around "pest" was to signify that while others who might be irritated by his well-constructed omnibus letters about Marina West, they did not include me.
Players have had to look at themselves, the manager definitely has; "supporters" (and I do use the term again with inverted commas for a reason
She's calling it Alan Bingo: one sip of wine for every time he does his awful inverted commas finger bob; two for his team-building waffle and three for name-dropping.
It's the only regulated - and I use that term in inverted commas - horseracing industry that doesn't have access by way of legislation .
He said: "The fact someone would have been better using inverted commas does not mean his comments can be misrepresented.