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Synonyms for inversion

Synonyms for inversion

the act of changing or being changed from one position, direction, or course to the opposite

Synonyms for inversion

the layer of air near the earth is cooler than an overlying layer

abnormal condition in which an organ is turned inward or inside out (as when the upper part of the uterus is pulled into the cervical canal after childbirth)

a chemical process in which the direction of optical rotation of a substance is reversed from dextrorotatory to levorotary or vice versa

(genetics) a kind of mutation in which the order of the genes in a section of a chromosome is reversed

the reversal of the normal order of words


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(counterpoint) a variation of a melody or part in which ascending intervals are replaced by descending intervals and vice versa

a term formerly used to mean taking on the gender role of the opposite sex

turning upside down

the act of turning inside out

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In January, the mean base of the inversion layer over most land areas does not exceed 850 hPa, while in Western Europe, Southwestern Europe, and western coastal areas, it is 700 hPa.
AS paving and milling operations shut down for the winter in the mid 1980s, an all-too-familiar inversion layer accompanied by a "brown cloud" frequently settled over Colorado Springs, usually around the Holiday season.
In particular, an understanding of the influence of meteorologic conditions could assist in estimating possible impact of inversion layers on the distribution and concentration of POM within the airshed.