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Synonyms for inverse

Synonyms for inverse

something inverted in sequence or character or effect

reversed (turned backward) in order or nature or effect


Related Words

opposite in nature or effect or relation to another quantity


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3] Let (S, (x), [less than or equal to]) be a partially ordered inverse semigroup.
It is easy to see that the natural partial order on inverse semigroup is an amenable partial order.
4] Let (S, (x), [less than or equal to]) be a partially ordered regular semigroup with an inverse transversal S[degrees].
If [less than or equal to] is both a left amenable partial order and a right amenable partial order on S, then [less than or equal to] is called an amenable partial order and S is called an amenable partially ordered regular semigroup with inverse transversal S[degrees].
The inverses creep behavior before and after sewing process has some significant difference based on the P-Value @ Alpha=0.
The creep and inverse creep behaviour of sewing thread before and after sewing process is studied with constant load in a developed instrument, where the sewing thread are subjected to dynamic tension and function in the sewing process.
The recovery and inverse relaxation phenomena of polyester staple fibre rotor spun yarns has better fibre orientation, which resulted in higher permanent deformation and lower delayed elastic recovery of the thread (3) .
The present study aims to investigate the creep and inverse creep behavior of sewing thread at constant load and to compare them before and after sewing.
Thirty-three percent of the veneer produced had inverse stress-wave speeds lower than 58.
Forty-three percent of the veneer from logs with inverse stress-wave speeds [less than or equal to] 82 [micro]sec.
The relationship between the MC of cross sections of logs and inverse stress-wave speed of logs showed a weak correlation ([r.
They cover the idea of "inverse," invertible matrices, subspaces associated with matrices, the Moore-Penrose inverse, generalized inverses, norms, inner products, projections, spectral theory, matrix diagonalization, Jordan canonical form and multilinear matters.
A necessary condition for the Moore Penrose inverse of a k-idempotent matrix to be k-idempotent is also found.
dagger]] is the Moore Penrose inverse of A then (1).
In this section a generalized inverse of a k-idempotent matrix A whose column space is identical with the column space of A is to be found.