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a function obtained by expressing the dependent variable of one function as the independent variable of another

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Dir-Hi (4 pts): For high school graduates (1), the number of hours slept (1) was an inverse function (1) of the number of hours exercised (1) per day.
are univalent in the larger disc [absolute value of (z)] < [pi] and their inverse functions are univalent in U.
g(y)is considered an inverse function of f(x), represented by [f.
b](x), where x > 0, is not just an exponent (or number) but is a function and, as such, has a domain and range, its input values produce unique output values, and it has an inverse function [f.
The primary difference between the cutoffs generated by the Gaussian or beta inverse function is in the case where the number of false positive cells is zero.
Relationship (9) can be used to find the inverse function centers [v.
The assertion is a consequence of Theorem 2 and the inverse function theorem for differentiable mappings.
lt;p>The software is intended to first tunnel IPv6 addresses through IPv4; and then perform the inverse function as IPv6 addresses outnumber IPv4.
ABSTRACT: This paper proposes an implementation of the inverse function of the Advanced Encryption Standard using the field of prime numbers instead of the Galois Field originally proposed by Rijndael.
Taylor); (9) Transforming Images of Mathematics/Teaching: A Study of Preservice Teachers/Teaching (Paul Betts); (10) Efficacy Shifts of Preservice Teachers Learning to Teach Mathematics (Cathy Bruce); (11) Composition of Functions and the Inverse Function of a Function: Main Ideas as Perceived by Teachers and Preservice Teachers (Calin Lucas); (12) Relations among "I," "Thou," and "It" in an Elementary Mathematics Professional Development Setting (Gladys Sterenberg); (13) Voices in the Silence: Narratives of Disadvantage, Social Context and School Mathematics in Post-Apartheid South Africa (Dalene M.
where L = [fi](K, Z) is the inverse function of Z = [f.
After the inverse function is included in the control loop, the static gain of the plant appears to be constant over the range of the controller output.
There is a function for composition of full MT (in form of M = M(ISO, CLVD, strike, dip, rake) and an inverse function for MT decomposing (in form of [ISO, CLVD, [M.
In one set it is assumed that the strength of a window between two cells (i and j) is an inverse function of the radius of the smaller cell ([r.
one-to-one, function graphically as a single one-way path with no branching is presented along with a simple procedure for obtaining the path of the inverse function.
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