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Synonyms for inverse

Synonyms for inverse

something inverted in sequence or character or effect

reversed (turned backward) in order or nature or effect


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opposite in nature or effect or relation to another quantity


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The two remaining VIUS employees, Andrew Croce and Brian Neff, were brought onto the Inverse team and Inverse will take over VIUS' Fishtown office.
Blyth, McFadden, McAlister and Almeida Santos introduced and studied amenable partially ordered inverse semigroup in [3, 5, 6, 7].
Mathematicians, geophysicists, and other young scientists from China and abroad, gathered in Beijing during July 2010 for a workshop to discuss how to solve inverse and ill-posed problems using different solution strategies.
Shortly after the court denied Barton's attempt to amend his pleadings in the eminent domain proceeding, Barton pursued an inverse condemnation action against the City concerning his remaining property.
It is observed that the subalgebra E(S) is an algebraic retract of S, where S is an inverse semigroup iff a and a-1 commute for all aeS.
Stiffness maps of both 5R and 6-RUS manipulators show that highest values of stiffness occur in poses where crank-connecting rod systems reach inverse singularities.
The determination of the leading unknown coefficient in ordinary and partial differential equations is one of actual problems in inverse problem theory and practice (see [1-3,7,8,13] and references therein).
Accordingly, a pilot study was conducted in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh in 2009, which is an endemic area of leprosy, with the aim to evolve inverse sampling procedure vis-a-vis conventional sampling for the estimation of disease burden of leprosy.
With [the] launches, ProShares expands the nation's only lineup of single inverse equity and fixed-income ETFs to 14.
In this paper, we explore the possibility of delaying the introduction of inverse demand and argue that the short and long run benefits from such a delay outweigh the costs.
XA is known as the Moore Penrose inverse and it is denoted by [A.
Earlier observational and modeling studies implied that inverse energy cascading occurs on Jupiter, he said.
The singer must have been Spinning Around as she shot the advert for new fragrance Inverse with two versions of her lover Andres Velencoso.
Available from August 2009, Inverse is Kylie's exciting first foray into the world of male fragrance.
The inverse care law continues to operate within the NHS, a study has concluded.