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an item listed in an inventory

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(MAY permits the LCM rule to be applied to an aggregate level of inventory, rather than to each individual inventory item. When the LCM analysis is applied to the entire inventory (or to major categories), it implicitly permits the write-up of inventory items to the extent that other inventory items are written down, a notable exception to the core LCM rules.
Because automated RFID processes will perform basic functions, such as the actual counting of inventory, auditors will spend more time verifying that the RFID technology is providing accurate tallies and confirming that listed inventory items actually are present.
On inventory items, you'll see invoice transactions under both income and COGS accounts.
A functional role-derived inventory classification schema which is both mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive can elucidate the current role served by each active inventory item, as well as those roles which precede and follow.
As noted above, there are two categories of hot assets that trigger ordinary income upon the disposition of a partner's interest: unrealized receivables and inventory items. Sec.
Every inventory item eventually finds its way to the loading dock, either coming or going.
Also, an inventory item is not recorded until paid for, even though it is on hand at year-end.
Because the stock was not an "unrealized receivable" or an "inventory item," the gain would apparently be capital gain.
Businesses that do not keep their inventory item books and records at acceptable Service levels can use IPIC, as that method removes much of the item definition uncertainty and leads to fewer items than an internal calculation.
Taxpayers may not use the LIFO method to preserve the tax benefit of a bargain purchase of inventory by treating each inventory item so purchased as identical to inventory subsequently acquired or produced, according to the Federal Circuit (Kohler Co., 9/17/97).
As might be expected, it is critical that each inventory item's base-year cost be determined as accurately as possible, to ensure that a pool's increments and decrements (which have a direct impact on the inventory's carrying value) are computed accurately.
Executives of the inventory committee and pharmacy division of the department were told to plan procurement based on 'need, past consumption data, expiration, inventory balance and utilization of inventory items,' to prevent wastage of government funds.
these equipments will be classified as inventory items. much of the existing printing equipment was acquired in 2006 and is being used intensively.
Photos of the merchandise and a list of the inventory items is available at
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