inventory item

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an item listed in an inventory

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On inventory items, you'll see invoice transactions under both income and COGS accounts.
The court noted that "if factors other than inflation enter into the cost of inventory items, a reliable index cannot be computed.
As noted above, there are two categories of hot assets that trigger ordinary income upon the disposition of a partner's interest: unrealized receivables and inventory items.
Most of the puzzles are based on finding or combining the right inventory items.
After counting or verifying all inventory items, the database is sent back to the PC with the correct counts.
The site amounts to an online and always up-to-date version of the computer seller's major inventory items, complete with extensive descriptions of each product and information about whether it is in stock, what it costs, etc.
This new application allows multiple manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers the ability to electronically post their inventory items by vertical in Intelligentz' Inventory Data Servers (IDS).
SMUD expects that there may be multiple suppliers chosen for the inventory items while non-inventory items may only have a single supplier for the items covered on this contract.
Tag sizes for a typical emergency response application vary from a coin or stamp to credit card, and are affixed to inventory items for a fast, accurate automatic inventory control.
If the error was continued over the life of the inventory pool, the total gain reported from the sale of inventory items would be correct.
ChannelAdvisor's infrastructure housed over 18 million active inventory items globally
Tenders are invited for Inventory Items and Supplies Necessary for Teaching Activities
Generally, its non-LIFO inventory items experienced deflation rather than inflation.
The objective of the auditor's test is to determine whether the client has counted the inventory accurately, not to determine the correct amount of inventory items.
Because inventory costing systems at that time were less sophisticated, the averaging process took place infrequently; in periods of rapidly increasing prices, an averaged cost for ending inventory items could be lower than any cost incurred during the current year.
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