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Synonyms for inventive

Synonyms for inventive

characterized by or productive of new things or new ideas

not the same as what was previously known or done

able to use the means at one's disposal to meet situations effectively

Synonyms for inventive

(used of persons or artifacts) marked by independence and creativity in thought or action


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Hubbard first became aware of Bell's inventive efforts one evening when Bell was visiting at his home in Cambridge.
Left to her own inventive resources, Natalie had first suggested the young surgeon's medical studies as Launce's unanswerable excuse for shutting himself up at intervals in the lower regions, and had then hit on the happy idea of tearing her trimmings, and condemning herself to repair her own carelessness, as the all-sufficient reason for similar acts of self-seclusion on her side.
It should never fall into something usual and settled, but should be alert and inventive and add rhyme and reason to what was drudgery.
The gamekeeper having been coaxed and feed, and having, moreover, eased his mind by 'punching' the head of the inventive youth who had first suggested the use of the machine, Mr.
Besides," Philip went on, with all the inventive astuteness of love at one-and-twenty, "if there is any enmity between those who belong to us, we ought all the more to try and quench it by our friendship; I mean, that by our influence on both sides we might bring about a healing of the wounds that have been made in the past, if I could know everything about them.
The Lemelson Center was founded on the idea-shared by Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson, the Smithsonian and myself-that the American creative and inventive spirit, now and in the past, is both a deeply cherished national characteristic and the energy source of a powerful economic engine," said Art Molella, director of the center.
It is ironic that Python were wildly inventive and unique in TV comedy in 1969, yet their jokes are now as familiar as any half-decent album track from well-known rock groups of their era who still have the energy to tour.
Bolivian microfinance institution Crecer, the green technology company Inventive Power from Mexico, and Brazilian private equity firm Stratus Group have won this year s Inter-American Awards for Financial and Entrepreneurial Innovation for their outstanding work in the areas of financial inclusion, green business and high impact investments in Latin America and the Caribbean, respectively.
Team Haut's winning proposal for the recent Europan 5 competition is an inventive and ecologically aware reinvestigation of the courtyard block.
In the third act, "Italy," dancers Gayle Bailey, Lisa Catrett-Belrose, Renee Grammatico, Lisa Johnson, Julianne O'Brien, Jeremy Steward, and Josef Woodson disport themselves before set designer Janice Gordon's church door to sultry, whirling music by Frank Pahl, the show's composer and astonishingly inventive one-man band.
brunch at Whist will feature inventive entrees with Latin Jazz setting the tone for lively outdoor enjoyment or indoor serene relaxation.
We consider some of the best recent examples from around the world, projects that embody an inventive and sensitive approach to space and placemaking, often despite economy of means.
Utilizing his trademark ebb and flow of energy, Tetley keeps the ballet in constant motion with dense footwork and tricky partnering that is both inventive and challenging, yet moves effortlessly between pas de deux and ensemble stage pictures.
Like Liquid Paper(R) and Post-it(R) Notes, Staples believes other office product innovations can spring from inventive minds everywhere if given the right opportunity.
Carme Pinos' inventive landscaping enlivens and civilizes a dreary suburb.