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Synonyms for invention

Synonyms for invention

something invented

any fictitious idea accepted as part of an ideology by an uncritical group; a received idea

Synonyms for invention

a creation (a new device or process) resulting from study and experimentation


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Michelle Malkin's flipped Mona Lisa constituted a critique of Thomas's reworking of Matisse as a mere copy or duplication with no inventional capacities of its own.
Selection from the inventional canister of "performance" also allowed successful metaphoric mapping of paraphiers related to celebrity, fame, excitement, and quality.
Haraway echoes a pre-Platonic notion of rhetoric in which tropes and topoi are fertile inventional systems and not simply replicated databases used to store and retrieve information.
McBryde has no innate sense of the "inventional situation" occurring between himself and Adela as he asks her questions about the incident at the Marabar.(11) And because to Aristotle "moral character, so to say, constitutes the most effective means of proof' (1.2.4), Adela's version of the events becomes all the more threatening to the imperial establishment once she is presented with McBryde's authoritative rhetoric.
It is a final inventional rebellion against rebellion.
They are inventional, both in the sense of putting things away and in the sense of discovering things.
In this spirit, table 1 offers some questions that we'd include in an inventional tool for those considering RHM projects that align with embodied experiences or exigencies.
Allen's "Orators and oratory": Inventional amalgamation, pathos, and the characterization of violence in African-American abolitionist rhetoric.
In light of these contextual constraints--the awareness of the story of Selma's unfulfilled promise, Clinton's own presidential record on race, and his lame duck status--one might conclude that Clinton's inventional options were increasingly limited, his speech more likely to feature only the most uncontested parts of the Bloody Sunday narrative as if to suggest that Selma, too, had been a site of transcendence even if it was less clear that the results of that transcendence had been achieved.
We suggest that an analysis of the state of exception warrants (tied to a broader concern for the biopolitical governing logics of neoliberalism) will help bypass this seemingly circular discussion of managed capitalism as opposed to free market capitalism and point toward the articulation of alternative inventional possibilities grounded in a posthumanist commonality and social interdependence.
History is thus incapable of being de-rhetoricized, for to do so is to strip history of its inventional nature.
Inventional mnemonics and the ornaments of style: The case of etymology.
As Knobel and Lankshear (2006) note, successful memes employ the inventional aspects of visual innovation and, I would add, argument creation, to speed replication by "hooking people into contributing their own version of the meme" (p.
Flippen makes it clear that had liberals regarded Carter's religion with less skepticism, religious rhetoric could have become a powerful inventional resource legitimating liberal politics instead of forming the bedrock of conservatism.
Discussing the medical rhetoric of such fields as end-of-life care and gene counseling, Zoltan Majdik and William Keith have argued that expert knowledge, when placed in a dialogic relationship with a public "articulation of values and interests" (373) can create democratic "inventional capacities for the best possible resolution for a particular problem" (382) based on particular normative criteria for the problem in question.