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A walking atrocity, consumed by raging violence and hatred of women, he careered around Scotland inveigling his way into the hearts of his victims before raping, beating and torturing them.
Twelve months ago, Mr Bottom explained how the daughter of a young Irish army officer, who had adopted the name Lola Montez when she trained as a Spanish dancer, lived on her beauty and wits, inveigling her way into high society across Europe, after being widowed at the age of 20.
Up and down our country unelected appointees, commissioners, call them what you will, are inveigling themselves into our elected bodies.
What provided Tony Basgallop's peak-time potboiler with its beating heart was watching the lengths Len (Shameless' David Threlfall) was prepared to go to in order to prevent himself dying as alone and unloved as Melissa - even inveigling his way into the dead woman's flat to sleep in her bed at night.
Because, although Campbell remains completely unrepentant about the Iraq War and his role inveigling the public into supporting it, he has, at least, finally been prepared to be honest about how and why it happened.
Jac delves deeper into Faye's personal life by inveigling her way into the hospital where Archie is being cared for.
Jayne and Linden are called before the board, and Jac delves deeper into Faye's personal life by inveigling her way into the private hospital where Archie is being cared for,
Post Office Counters is 51 % owned by the (Labour) Government, they decide overall policy regarding its business and it cannot be denied that the most significant factor in their decline in viability in recent years has been the inveigling of customers by the Government to have their various benefits paid through bank accounts instead of through their local post office.