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Synonyms for inveiglement

something that attracts, especially with the promise of pleasure or reward

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Moreover, the statute itself mentions "decoy" and "inveiglement" as means of gaining control.
First, his daughter Goneril who has been given half of his kingdom and used to flatter her father saying that she loves him "more than words can wield the matter" (I, 1, 55), since to her, her father is "Dearer than eyesight, space, and liberty" (I, 1, 56) and that she values him "No less than life" (I, 1, 58), bearing for him "A love that makes breath poor, and speech unable" (I, 1, 60), finally reveals her true feelings for him and proves clearly that she lied when she used all that inveiglement and sweet-talk only to get as much of his possessions as possible.
For example, in 2003, Federal District Court Judge Gerald Bruce Lee, sitting in the Eastern District of Virginia, presided over the kidnapping and inveiglement trial of Jay Lentz.
textuality, one who readily responds to inveiglement of various sorts.
The inveiglement of Congress will be an admittedly slow affair, if only because Munoz wants to allow skeptical legislators ample opportunity to pore over the contracts and, after deliberating and debating to their hearts' content, ultimately declare the contracts constitutional.
Perhaps, to extend the logic of Wills, it could be concluded that the "criminal activity" that must precede the interstate movement could include the sort of "inveiglement" or "decoy" that Wills used to lure Alam across state lines.