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  • verb

Synonyms for inveigh

to express opposition, often by argument

Synonyms for inveigh

complain bitterly

speak against in an impassioned manner


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Romney presided over a law promising universal health care in Massachusetts, and Bachmann has been a leading voice inveighing against 'Obamacare.'
Rather than inveighing against the Great Satan (the US) or discussing the history of the Iranian revolution, the subject of the seminar was "the music of the poems of Hafez".
The appreciation of poverty tourism - sketching Neapolitan slums and inveighing against their demolition was already rife.
Unfocused, too, is the author's treatment of the sibling chastised for buying West Indian cotton and initiating children's labor in New England factories, while inveighing against slavery (289-290).
Wow, the same AJR that warns newspapers to change or die, that celebrates the transformation of the front page, and that has been inveighing for years against boring writing suddenly shifts gears to take a disdainful look at long-form journalism.
Walker will tie Goldschmidt to Kulongoski at every opportunity, while inveighing against the good-ol'-boy politics that made the latter blind to the faults of the former.
Born in Zurich in 1924 but since 1947 a consummate New Yorker, Frank shuffles around an empty lot, unshaven and wryly inveighing against the yuppies who have invaded his territory.
In an age of 30-second political advertisements, truthful speech remains as meaningful to democracies as it is to inveighing against totalitarian regimes.
Before inveighing against business for shirking its "fair share," this incontrovertible truth should be acknowledged.
"The JBS was inveighing against the New World Order years before George Bush popularized that sinister phrase," recalls Raimondo.
In eleven books, including the mega-selling Book of Virtues, a PBS cartoon series on morality for kids, countless speeches at $50,000 a pop, a slew of op-eds and more face time on TV than the man who squeezes the Charmin, Bennett has made himself our Cato, inveighing against everyone else's licentious, addicted, family-destroying ways.
Professor Kaserman has just published a book urging a market for organs, and a new collection of essays, Entrepreneurial Economics, has two chapters inveighing against the ban on payments for organs.
She was inveighing against allowing check cashers to participate in the Treasury Department's Electronic Funds Transfer program, which seeks to provide direct deposit accounts for federal employees and benefit recipients.
216), through inveighing against 'death-dealing commas'
LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, was inveighing against gays and lesbians at a press conference in April, shortly before the Millennium March on Washington.