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Synonyms for inveigh

to express opposition, often by argument

Synonyms for inveigh

complain bitterly

speak against in an impassioned manner


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As critics of technology continually inveigh, we spend more and more time, as individuals and as a society, contemplating the virtual bellybutton of our own technological prowess, and marveling primarily at our own cleverness.
That text has been used in the puritan tradition to inveigh against theatre, movies, even literature (a 19th century moraliser said, "A novel is at best a well-told lie").
She doesn't hesitate to inveigh against obvious targets: the army, the self-serving politicians who provide democratic window-dressing, cold-hearted U.
inveigh bitterly against His Grace, the Bishop of Quebec, who, they say has enticed them away from home under the pretext of sending them to enjoy the milk and honey of the land of promise.
The Klan allied itself with fundamentalism (one critic called it the secular arm of the Baptist Church South) to inveigh against Catholics, Communists, Jews, foreigners ("aliens"), unionists, bootleggers, loose women, and Indians, as well as blacks.
I certainly did not argue for it, but so far as I am aware I did not inveigh against it either; it was not an issue.
For those who don't recognise the title it has been taken from Private Eye's hilarious spoof Dear Bill column, in which Margaret Thatcher's husband Denis would frequently inveigh against BBC staff.
It is to be hoped that no Democratic citizen will place his children at this institution unless he wishes them, instead of learning the rudiments of science to be taught to revile his leaders, inveigh against republicanism and extol the corrupted government of Great Britain.
And law-and-order pols like Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who can inveigh against "stormtroopers" but defend the cops who gun down an unarmed Amadou Diallo.
And I'd add, on this May Day, that Jews also tend to be overrepresented among the likes of those who inveigh against the folks on the covers of those magazines and the system they represent on more virtuous and less prejudiced grounds.
Wall Street continues to inveigh against "risks" in the movie business, its "volatility" and -- the newest one -- the threat to the very existence of the music biz posed by freebies on the Internet.
This is especially evident if Ginsburg's remarks are compared with those of Clarence Thomas, who used both the Adarand case and the Kansas City school desegregation suit, decided the same day, to inveigh against "paternalism" in the legacy of the civil rights movement.
Ridley concludes his discussion of eugenics by insisting on a distinction ignored by many who indiscriminately inveigh against all forms of genetic manipulation.
Kaplan's ilk inveigh against them with false claims.