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Synonyms for inveigh

to express opposition, often by argument

Synonyms for inveigh

complain bitterly

speak against in an impassioned manner


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We must know how persistently he inveighed against the oppressing and depressing influence of man's sense of guilt and consciousness of sin in order fully to grasp the significance of this discourse.
"Deceived, decoyed, inveighed, in order to be made a laughing-stock before the most debased of all mankind, that woman and her associates." This was really a meditation.
It opens with the strains of a lilting woodwind musical score, as a little girl holding a lollipop skips past a street preacher who has climbed up on a milk crate to inveigh against the pollution poisoning the San Francisco Bay.
When contemporary politicians inveigh against "anarchists" at protests, they typically are just using a shorthand for "hoodlums intent on chaos," but as Honeywell (politics, Sheffield Hallam U., UK) notes, many in the current anti-capitalist movements do in fact have ties to the rich intellectual traditions of political anarchism and therefore it can serve some value to examine these past traditions of anarchism.
They inveigh against what they call the 'public culture', which is an amalgam of socially approved attitudes and values undergirding the publics' wishful thinking and the politicians' responses to it.
The graceful tango of official and oppositional prejudices: if you don't inveigh about the other side, you cast doubt on your own motives.
Donors endlessly debate strategy, bloggers inveigh against "Vichy Democrats," and politicians obsess over "psychographic polling" and "metaphorical frames." They're wasting their time, says Bai.
But Roy's intention is not simply to inveigh against the status quo.
Asked why religious conservative leaders regularly inveigh against gays and lesbians, Racicot told HRC, "They probably don't know gay people.
As critics of technology continually inveigh, we spend more and more time, as individuals and as a society, contemplating the virtual bellybutton of our own technological prowess, and marveling primarily at our own cleverness.
That text has been used in the puritan tradition to inveigh against theatre, movies, even literature (a 19th century moraliser said, "A novel is at best a well-told lie").
She doesn't hesitate to inveigh against obvious targets: the army, the self-serving politicians who provide democratic window-dressing, cold-hearted U.N.
inveigh bitterly against His Grace, the Bishop of Quebec, who, they say has enticed them away from home under the pretext of sending them to enjoy the milk and honey of the land of promise."
The Klan allied itself with fundamentalism (one critic called it the secular arm of the Baptist Church South) to inveigh against Catholics, Communists, Jews, foreigners ("aliens"), unionists, bootleggers, loose women, and Indians, as well as blacks.
Priests did not inveigh against it from the pulpit on Sundays." Nuns did not mention it in Miller's religion classes through grade school, and young Catholics did not go to anti-abortion marches.