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Synonyms for inveigh

to express opposition, often by argument

Synonyms for inveigh

complain bitterly

speak against in an impassioned manner


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Thus Richard Baxter, a product of the English Calvinist religious tradition, urges "his readers to distinguish between spiritual trouble proper" and physical melancholy, while at the same time retaining "many of the kinds of therapies advocated by the late Elizabethan and early Stuart ministers" to treat melancholy (110, 111), while Timothy Rogers returns to the pulpit of a "Dissenting Presbyterian congregation" in 1690 to inveigh against the efficacy of medical treatments of melancholy and assure his listeners that they are not being punished by God's everlasting wrath, even as he also reminds them that the sorrow they feel can serve a worthy, spiritual purpose (118).
The graceful tango of official and oppositional prejudices: if you don't inveigh about the other side, you cast doubt on your own motives.
We can never admit this to ourselves, so when the worst happens, we posture and inveigh.
But Roy's intention is not simply to inveigh against the status quo.
Asked why religious conservative leaders regularly inveigh against gays and lesbians, Racicot told HRC, "They probably don't know gay people.
As critics of technology continually inveigh, we spend more and more time, as individuals and as a society, contemplating the virtual bellybutton of our own technological prowess, and marveling primarily at our own cleverness.
That text has been used in the puritan tradition to inveigh against theatre, movies, even literature (a 19th century moraliser said, "A novel is at best a well-told lie").
And he is always attentive to the deconstructive potential implicit in the contemporary texts he cites: time and again, DiGangi nicely turns around an admonitory passage, one that seems simply to inveigh against disorderly congress, to argue for the covert stability of bonds between men it presumes, and to turn the tables on the putative defenders of orthodoxy.
She doesn't hesitate to inveigh against obvious targets: the army, the self-serving politicians who provide democratic window-dressing, cold-hearted U.
However, Mr Hu took the opportunity to inveigh against what he termed as the " serious graft situation" in the country and called on party members to show ethical conduct and control their family members.
I certainly did not argue for it, but so far as I am aware I did not inveigh against it either; it was not an issue.
The artist's concern, however, may just as well be our own--to inveigh against a creator-god who rules in the name of mechanization and measurement.
It is to be hoped that no Democratic citizen will place his children at this institution unless he wishes them, instead of learning the rudiments of science to be taught to revile his leaders, inveigh against republicanism and extol the corrupted government of Great Britain.
74) That Europe's churchmen failed to inveigh much against gratifying the groin fruitlessly in holy wedlock until after massive contraception began in the 1870s suggests that they had little call to do so.