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Synonyms for invasive

relating to a technique in which the body is entered by puncture or incision

marked by a tendency to spread especially into healthy tissue


involving invasion or aggressive attack

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gradually intrusive without right or permission

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The factors involved in the growth and invasiveness of these tumors are not fully understood, but once identified, they will aid in the identification of invasion and recurrence markers and of potential therapeutic targets (13).
However, Gal-3 expression was significantly higher in venous malformation with deeper invasiveness (in the muscular layer) than in superficial invasiveness (in the eyelid, skin, and fat).
The contract is performance analysis of the degree of invasiveness of alien species in Poland, together with an indication of significant species that threaten native flora and fauna and the proposed strategic actions in terms of their combat capabilities and performance analyzes roads unintentional introduction or spread of invasive alien species and the development of action plans for Priority roads.
Conclusion: We concluded that pUSIS has the potential to be a useful, simply obtainable and universal assessment tool for quantification of the magnitude and invasiveness of individual surgical operations and can serve as a means to quantify surgical interventions for outcome research and evaluate surgical performance.
A surgical invasiveness index is an established way to address this variability in "case mix" for a procedural group.
Perhaps if the accused had been a woman in this case, socially constructed gender binaries would have helped magnify the inappropriateness and invasiveness of having an individual's genitals investigated without consent or a warrant, and authorized by nothing more than reasonable and probable grounds.
The ability to predict potential invasiveness is important both for species that have already been introduced to a region but are not yet invasive and for species that may be introduced through the horticultural industry in the future.
It benefits patients by preventing unnecessary invasiveness and compression which can cause irreversible damage which might not be detected until the recovery period.
The researchers note that their adhesive will be useful in reducing the invasiveness of surgical procedures, as well as operating times, in addition to improving heart surgery outcomes.
By monitoring the genetic changes in CTCs and their invasiveness in a tissue culture dish, doctors may be able to adjust their treatment plans quickly in response.
A hybrid strategy could capitalize on colonoscopy's higher effectiveness and FIT's lower cost and better adherence, while attenuating the drawbacks of colonoscopy's invasiveness and FIT's lower sensitivity for adenoma detection.
We also studied the effects of the combination on invasiveness and on expression of proteins involved in signal transduction pathways in these cell lines.
Rather than an example of invasiveness, I would suggest that it's a problem of human encroachment and the associated problems of co-habitation between humans and wildlife.
Osteosarcoma has high invasiveness and metastasis into the
Individuals with high miR-125b expression develop larger tumours that exhibit greater invasiveness.