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a quality of uniformity and lack of variation

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The Krippendorff Logic would again blame instrument invariability, but this time through specificity defense, accusing you the coders being incapable of seeing the absence of noses.
(iv) Data Format Invariability. The invariability of the data format defined here means that the format of the video data before encryption and after decryption remains unchanged.
Furthermore, Jagannathan and Wang (1996) and Heinen and Valdesogo (2008), among others, criticize the invariability assumed in the betas through the years in some studies.
The invariability in the artefact and faunal assemblages indicates a seasonal, most probably a late winter / early spring camp site of seal hunters.
This is of much importance since invariability in residue pattern has been observed for vNDVs in a given geographical location (Samuel et al., 2013).
Designing strong and efficient state role mechanisms for promoting industrial relations harmony and efficient social protection programs is a necessary paradigm for eliminating labor market invariability, income and wage disparities in the economy.
This invariability of the resonance frequency is due to the fact that such frequency mainly depends on the characteristics of the SRRs, rather than on their coupling to the line.
It turns out that a weaker concept for invariability is sufficient to describe the limiting ergodic behavior of any reasonable "physical realization."
The reference to "all the Marys and Elizabeths they had married" indicates the insularity and invariability of the baronets' social relations.
[19] adjusted the sum of pixel pairs and pair-wise differences for the invariability characteristic.
On the other hand, various osteoblast-like cell lines derived from different sources are with multiple advantages, such as the ready availability of large numbers of cells, the homogeneity of the cell cultures, and the expected invariability of the phenotype.
As our metagenomic source was the soil of an industrial waste treatment lagoon, the same effect could result in the invariability of the chitinolytic clones we found.
Although IR has a common structure in all vertebrates, with up to 20% invariability, alternative splicing of exon 11 is an exclusive feature of mammals [13].
Bots similarly profit from uniform templates of ethos construction because such invariability frees them from the challenge of creating novel forms of self-expression.
Conscientiousness was due to the integration of emotional and regulatory invariability and lower mental arousal (22).