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establishing as invalid or untrue

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KABUL: A UN-backed fraud watchdog investigating last month's presidential election in Afghanistan began invalidating votes on Thursday in a process that could keep the country locked in political uncertainty for months.
com says that up to 71 per cent of people run the risk of invalidating their home insurance cover this year without realising it.
Nebraska (1923), a decision invalidating a state law that banned foreign language instruction for children until they reached the eighth grade, the Court offered a sweeping definition of liberty under the 14th Amendment.
Justice Thomas' dissenting opinion, which the Chief Justice and Justice Scalia joined, begins with this ominous prediction: "By invalidating Chicago's ordinance which was enacted to prevent gangs from establishing dominion over the public streets, the Court has unnecessarily sentenced law-abiding citizens to lives of terror and misery.
If a lien is filed as a result of such unauthorized work, the owner has grounds for invalidating the lien.
District Court for the Northern District of California granted Illumina's request to file a motion seeking reconsideration of the Court's October 16, 2012 ruling invalidating certain claims of U.
by Hassan Khitab on 9 August, 2014 - 16:49 KABUL (Pajhwok): The Independent Election Commission ( IEC ) on Saturday said more than 5,000 ballot boxes had been audited so far and invalidating the votes would begin this week.
The Supreme Court recently upheld a Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ruling against Microsoft, which denied the company's desire to lower the standards for invalidating patents.
Thomas Saenz, the mayor's chief counsel, said invalidating Villaraigosa's ability to take over the low-performing schools would gut the mayor's hard-fought reform effort.
Overall, almost half of all dealers wrongly suggested that motorists risked invalidating their warranty by taking their vehicles to independent garages.
Although the cooperative corporation, in a prior lawsuit, was successful in invalidating a larger wrap-around mortgage held by the sponsor, it was still in difficulty in meeting the debt service requirements of the underlying first mortgage held by the East New York Savings Bank, which was still valid.
Tracy Genesen, a Kirkland & Ellis partner and co-author of the brief, points out that the lower court's decision invalidating the face-to-face sales requirement recognizes that a privately administered winery-specific authorization can only be viewed as an attempt to give in-state producers an unnatural and unfair advantage.