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deprived of legal force


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The ex-servicemen have approached the apex court against a Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) circular stating that disability pension of those veterans who have not been invalidated out of forces due to the injuries would be taxed.
Many drivers are unaware that charging someone for a ride - even if you're heading that way anyway - could come with a [pounds sterling]2,500 fine and invalidated insurance.
THE ISSUE: Should a longstanding common law rule be amended to add "the appearance of bias" to the grounds on which an appraisal may be invalidated?
The government should check if the weapons held by invalidated license holders are legal.
A March 27 letter from Election Systems & Software, the firm Alabama One hired to conduct its board election, to Alabama One Board Chairman Edwin Harrell reported 5,163 ballots were cast in the election and that the credit union invalidated 233 ballots.
There's always that dark downside to being the aggressor patent litigation -- you may protect your intellectual property from competitors, but on the other hand, your patents may also be invalidated if they are found to be too abstract, especially software patents in the wake of Alice v.
Nuristani said: "We wanted to conclude the audit process today, but due to technical problems the investigation will now end on Sunday." The invalidated ballot boxes had been sent to the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) for scrutiny and decision, the chairman concluded.
Opponents of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to ban sodas over 16 ounces, which was set to take effect Tuesday, can rejoice after a state judge invalidated the policy.
But almost two months after taking office, Mursi ordered the reinstatement of the legislature, a move that was shortly invalidated by the Supreme Constitutional Court.
The Supreme Court rejected the demand of plaintiffs that the election be invalidated, while urging legislators to promptly correct the disparity.
The IRS here found that the charities would have received the funds had the courts invalidated the portion of the will that benefitted the attorney who exercised undue influence.
In addition, Kadkhodai said that in the constituencies of Semirom and Zabol, the votes cast for two candidates were invalidated. Again, he did not say why.
Neither would any decisions be invalidated, said Ms Prytherch.
An article in The American Nurse noted the following, "The American Nurses Association (ANA) called a decision by an Iowa County District Court judge that invalidated state regulations providing educational requirements for advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs) to order and supervise fluoroscopy a setback for patients.