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Synonyms for invagination

the condition of being folded inward or sheathed


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the folding in of an outer layer so as to form a pocket in the surface

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6] Milhorat, in a large prospective study of 364 symptomatic patients with Chiari I malformation, found that 65% had associated syrinx, 42% had scoliosis, and 12% had basilar invagination.
The trans-envelope Tol-Pal complex is part of the cell division machinery and required for outer membrane invagination during cell constriction in E.
Other cardiac abnormalities were found in the others cases (1-34) including myocarditis, left ventricular dilation, aortic and mitral valve lesions and endocardial invagination.
He refers to an intertwining of subject and world, visible and invisible characterized by "a sort of folding back, invagination or padding" (qtd.
Sudden shock by heat alters the membrane and helps DNA internalization at a quicker rate perhaps by cell surface invagination carrying membrane bound DNA into the cells.
Their distinguishing characteristic is whether, during gastrulation, the invagination of the gut eventually will become the mouth (protostomes) or the anus (deuterostomes).
There thus is a "lived reality" of the embryo that it alone can experience, and which would tear apart an adult organism: topological movements such as the stretching of cellular layers, invagination by folding, regional displacement of groups, and so on.
Some are exploring developmental issues such as what causes invagination during gastrulation (Kolsch et al.
In an extraordinary invagination, Heidegger literally turns the
In particular head morphology, nuclear invagination, and number of mitochondria differ considerably among different teleosts (Lahnsteiner and Patzner, 1996).
I wonder: might this be the Derridean scenario where 'the boundary of the set comes to form, by invagination, an internal pocket larger than the whole'?
A case of Collet-Sicard syndrome associated with traumatic atlas fractures and congenital basilar invagination.
In this stage, defecation may be obstructed by an enterocele that closes off the rectum, an invagination or intussusception of the anterior rectum caused by genital prolapse in women, an anterior flap of a rectocele covering the anal canal, or an invagination of the rectum into the anal canal, he said.
Immature Ovary contains only unyolked oocytes; oocyte development ranged from stages I (oogonia) to IV (follicular invagination oocyte) and requires microscopic examination.