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Synonyms for invagination

the condition of being folded inward or sheathed


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the folding in of an outer layer so as to form a pocket in the surface

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Furthermore, although Woltereck (1902) does not illustrate the very earliest stages of rudiment formation in Polygordius, it appears to be a circumferential invagination (plate 9, figure 1) such that the dorsal portion of the rudiment forms from the dorsal hyposphere and the ventral portion from the ventral hyposphere; in contrast, in Owenia the entire rudiment forms from the "ventral" portion of the hyposphere lying between the mouth and anus, and only encircles the digestive tract after extensive growth and development of rudimentary organs.
25 [micro]m, which is much shorter than the longest invagination (629 nm), measured in T.
Within the next day the blastopore closed, sealing off the primordial gut while the mouth appeared as a separate invagination on the ventral side (Fig.
Punch biopsy from the lower back and excision biopsy from external genitalia were showed hyperkeratosis, suprabasal lacunae, corps-ronds and grains and hyperkeratotic invagination filled with keratinous material and acantholytic cells suggestive of Darier's disease.
5 Each comedo is represented by a wide, deep invagination of the epidermis filled with keratin.
Some consider gemination as division of single tooth germ by invagination and subsequent development of two teeth, whereas fusion occurs when two separated tooth germs unite.
17) The thyroid gland, the first endocrine gland to develop embryologically, arises from an endodermal thickening of the ventral floor of the pharynx as an invagination of the first pharyngeal pouch.
DISCUSSION: The term retrograde intussusception (invagination) was first introduced by John Hunter to define an invagination of the intussusceptum in an antiperistaltic or a proximal direction as opposed to the usual peristaltic or distal direction.
One is formed by the expansion of the ethmoid sinus into the frontal bone, and the other develops as a result of an independent invagination of the middle meatus of the nasal passage.
Pedicle Screw Combined With Lateral Mass Screw Fixation in the Treatment of Basilar Invagination and Congenital C2-C3 Fusion.
Is invagination of appendicular stump in appendicectomy necessary?
The technique of appendectomy may vary from surgeon to surgeon or from centre to centre, starting from skin incision to ligation and invagination of appendiceal stump.
Intussusception is defined as invagination of an intestinal segment with its mesentery as a result of peristalsis into the intestinal lumen.
Sagittal reformatted images better characterized the intraluminal mass to be a retrograde invagination of the proximal stomach into the distal esophagus (Figure 1b).