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involving invasion or aggressive attack

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Now we've shown that this is also a feature of metabolic disease in humans, specifically type 2 diabetics," who have harmful bacteria invading the intestinal tract, Gewirtz said.
But he's not the only one who wants answers as Stacey also turns up to have a go at her cousin for invading her new life.
An invading foreign force, on completion of its objectives i.
WHAT were these young people doing invading this wild polar bear's natural habitat?
It also contains coastal surveys detailing where invading troops could land safely.
However, nearly all invading powers have given moral justification for their invasion, generally on the grounds that the rulers of invading countries were oppressive and the masses wanted a deliverer to rescue them from the clutches of their rulers.
But CSKA president Dimitar Borisov claimed the invading fans were saboteurs and went on the offensive.
VIKINGS and Romans will be invading to join a celebration.
In any case, many regional wars have been fought by proxy, in Asia (eg Korea), Africa (Darfur), and south (Chile) and central America (El SAlvador, Guatemala, etc), including the United States invading at least 30 countries, the former Soviet Union invading Hungary and Afghanistan, Argentina invading the Falkland Islands, Nato invading the former Yugoslavia as well as the double invasions of Iraq.
Democrats and others on the left seem unaware that their real complaint is not that Bush inspired more terrorists by invading Iraq, but that he chose to fight back at all.
Reparations that could cost Uganda $8bn for invading and pillaging the Democratic Republic of Congo "has set a precedent in the sub-region and countries will think twice before engaging in conflicts and taking advantage to enrich themselves", says a DRC government representative.
And invading Iraq was a really inefficient, if not counter-productive, way to do it.
He now favours invading Iran - and it's feared he will use the new job to punish countries Bush doesn't like.